Rescue Journal were one of them thar days....

Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2012

i came home for lunch to trauma and drama and angst.

someone (odie!) had bitten esther in the leg unbeknownst to me in the last couple of days and her leg was suddenly swollen, infected and sore. i cleaned it, flushed it, dressed it and gave her antibiotics and pain meds. i stopped into the vets when i was back to work to check to make sure the doses were ok. the vet suggested i also either hose it in the shower or soak it in warm hibitane water and we agreed if it was not better by monday, i would get her in to be checked.

oh what to do about odie?..i probably can't get away with quietly burying him in the backyard when no one is looking so i better come up with a workable plan to completely isolate him from the others when i am not here to babysit the little blind and reactive turd.

also unbeknownest to me apparently a kids birthday party arrived for a tour...huh? i said.... we don't do birthday party tours, this is a sanctuary not a petting zoo. unfortunately this was arranged thru a couple of our volunteers (big freaking oops guys!) and no one thought to tell me and suddenly we had two large tour groups without an extra person here to do the second tour. now don't get me wrong here, this was a great group of kids and the birthday girl had collected gifts for the animals instead of herself which i think is wonderfully kind and generous. but because we knew nothing about it, we were totally unprepared and caught with our pants down... today was a horrible day to start with because we were already really short handed with so many volunteers away. was a really unnecessary awkward start for all of us when it could have been planned out with a bit more care if i had known what was needed today.
so just a reminder to everyone..please check with me personally before arranging for large tour groups. we generally book them in separately on pre-planned, pre-booked and pre-arranged times and days....everything goes much smoother for everyone that way.

jenn said to me..i don't know why you come home at lunch..if it was me i would stay faraway. the problem is, i have to come home cuz almost every single day there are mini or maxi fires i have to put out so i quite often need my lunch break to ungong this gong show every day.

anyway...what did come out all of this is...two things.... one all large group tours do need to be pre-booked with me personally. and we need back up tour guides each saturday and sunday in case too many people show up for one single tour.

is anyone interested in being a back up tour guide..if so PLEASE let me know!



Manny got a very good butt wash today. Barb, Sienna and I took him into the shop and bathed him in the bathtub. There is an adjustable shower stool in the tub and we adjusted it so we could put it under Manny's chest so he could lean on it while Sienna fed him treats and Barb and I did a good bath with soap and warm water. I do think he felt much better.


I have also done tours and have gone on quite a few with Laura to "train up" on them so could also be a back up.


Carol, being a back up tour guide is something I can do if that is acceptable to you. I can walk the dogs before 11am and then be available if needed.
I would need some training by going on a couple of tours with Laura.