Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2012

lucky is starting with the bloody diarrhea again. each time she does this i ask this just another flare up of her irritable bowel or is it the pyloric tumor starting to cause problems? i put her back on her flagyl and will wait and see.

fergus has lost another couple of pounds which he cannot afford but his xrays did not show any masses or tumors so the possibilities are a lymphoma or a malabsorption syndrome like chronic inflammatory bowel (this is different than an irritable bowel syndrome.) he too is on flagyl and has been for weeks and we have increased his canned feedings to two full cans of high energy gastro each we wait to see if that will help him to put on some much needed weight.

olivers blood sugars are finally starting to come down out of the high 20's and into the high teens and so far knock on wood, there have been no hypoglycemic reactions with his increased insulin dosing.

since percy is done with medically torturing him and charlott'e abcess is holding steady but getting ready to drain, and pete seems to be feeling much better...the only barn guy currently high on the barn worry list is wilbur. i am pretty sure it is pain that is keeping him in his bed. we finally switched him to bute last week and i think he is starting to look a bit perkier and better. the staff have done a good job on cleaning up his eyes, despite his uncooperativeness...they are not weeping purulent discharge anymore. we will keep him on the bute for the rest of the weekend and then switch him back to metacam on monday and see how he does.

amber's and tu's eyes are looking good so now they are off their eye treatments for now. we will watch them closely over the next couple of weeks to make sure all of the infection is gone.

i was looking at our website last is woefully out of date ...nicole is just too busy to keep it up, it is far too big and it is far too complicated for the rest of us. parts of it look like we may not even operating anymore and that concerns me.

i think it is time for a new and simpler, less techno and labour intensive website. one that even morons like me can update when i find things that need updating...does anyone know if there is such a thing out there...really nice looking and easy to navigate and update websites for retard techno me??



Yes I agree with Chris, I have also heard word press is very easy from many others too.

Chris T

It can be done in Wordpress which is what you use to blog so you will already know it. Very easy to update!


Perfect, Erin.I'm so glad he is doing so well in his forever home. I took Pinky out into the field with his green ball today and he spent about 30 minutes entertaining the folks waiting for the tour! He is a total showboat.


bear is great maggie, thanks. SUCH a great dog. hes seemed to favour this toy alligator at saints so i brought it when i brought him home, its now got no squeaker, no head, and he still carries it around.


Erin, Thanks for asking about Rumple but I didn't ask about is he?

Bunny Horne

Carol, my supervisor used to build websites in his spare time but quit. I will ask him if he could look at making some suggestions. Also once you have your new website in place, whomever does it, if you need up dates I wouldn't have a problem doing the updates.

another Doreen

I saw the promo ad for the Steele on Your Side SAINTS episode last night. Looks good! Said it was airing on Tuesday.


PS... you can also use the FB page more (since many many people browse FB and it's easy to share items etc there) and there's now an option to add a 'donate' button too!


Hi Carol, check out -- they have all kinds of templates, are really easy to use, and cheap! (they can be free too - but for about $50.00 you can buy the 'professional' version and get rid of the 'free website' tag at the bottom -- and you can transfer the domain name you already have []) I've done a couple of websites with it and they took no time to set up. If you have someone there even just a little bit web-savvy, they can set something up easy. Or, in a few weeks, and from the other end of the country, I could help out too...