Animal rescue cries foul over security camera kerfuffle

Carol  ·  May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012

By: Darcy Wintonyk and Lynda Steele

A sanctuary for senior and special needs animals has been refunded more than $3,000 after it says the security company tasked with installing security cameras took its donation money and didn't deliver the goods read more ...



lol wanker that 's funny'' and Happy Birthday Carol!! did we get Cake? lol


Way To GO Carol and SAINTS! I agree with Bridget, dude came over as a WANKER. Happy Birthday Carol :)


i don't see how she could be "using" the animals for the story, since that's all the story is about: good, vigilant care for the animals.

happy birthday carol. :-)

Grant Hayter-Menzies

Happy birthday, Carol! And congratulations to you and the dear animals!

All the best from Freddie and his dads :)

Bunny Horne

Carol, just an FYI - Brent got all the components to retrofit the pools for the ducks and chickens so that Mama Duck can drain the pools without making a mess.

Also, just wondered if you have plans for any painting to be done of let's say the barn doors or any fencing prior to the open house this year. If so, we should get that on a to do list so we can be proactive about it.


Happy birthday Carol.
how dare you contact the media, what a p**** that owner from admiral was. "oh she use the animals you know like she an animal shelter you know" Duh arsehole SAINTS is an animal shelter dumbass. Idiots like that shouldn't be allowed to run a race let alone a business,Grrr idiots like that make me so mad. wish i could win 649 then I could buy and install you some cameras.

Bunny Horne

try this link - copy and paste it into your browser if necessary


Way to take No crap from unscrupulous companies.....:).....;).....I think there may be some redneck take no crap blood you as well......Oh btw.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....;)......:)

another Doreen

I saw it and it was pretty well done! The Admiral guy was sure squirming and trying to put the blame back on Carol. But how many businesses or organizations would be waiting 6 months for installation after full payment up front? Doesn't "security" imply a sense of urgency? Guess which companies I won't be contacting if I ever need or want security cameras or services! And Happy Birthday Carol! Did they plan to air the story on your Birthday? Because they announced it it the story!


Too bad they didn't mention that they wanted to keep $500 of it and that it cost you $400 in legal fees but I bet a reputable company will offer to come in and install one for free.
The Admiral guy is a real $#@&! I hope he gets the sort of business he deserves.


I just was going to tune into watch Steele on your side...and I only caught the last word..."Camera". Happy Birthday Carol!


Man, reading this made me so mad! ADT tries to blame Carol?? I've emailed all my address book to watch the segment tonight. Expose these crooks for who they are. They more than had enough time to do the right thing.
Hurrah for Saints:)


Carol - I was over at Elizabeth's Wildlife Rescue Center in Abbotsford this afternoon (dropping off two baby bush bunnies who's nest had been ravaged by crows - three were killed, but someone managed to save two of them - but that's a whole other story). She gave me a donation box for Saints that someone had dropped off with her to give to you - a company in Abbotsford that has gone out of business, apparently. I'll leave the donation box in the office when I come up tomorrow (there's something rattling around inside it, anyway!!) I casually mentioned to Elizabeth about the Steele-on-Your-Side segment on the news tonight, and she said the same thing happened to her a while back. She contracted with a security company to install cameras, paid them, and they never did the work. She said none of her calls were returned, and she lost thousands of dollars. She didn't pursue it like you did, so was very interested to watch the news segment tonight. The security company wasn't called Admiral, it was Inter-something or other - can't remember. But I'm wondering if it was the same company and they just changed their name at some point. Either there are more than one security company ripping off animal rescue centers, or it's the same one operating under a different name.