Rescue Journal

two more shifts to go!

Carol  ·  May 4, 2012

i got everything done this i finally got around to ordering more hay and shavings..i think i kept putting it off cuz the two of them together are going to set us back $2700.00...big ouch! geez i do wish we had the amount of money coming in that is going out every would be a lot less stressful.... just 920 more 1000 saints to go!

my goal is to get there before i am dead.

i did finally did get hold of an electrician...he is coming on monday...yay! (thx so much for the tip sherie!)

the tour went really well.....ellie and percy were the stars of today. it is so nice to see percy relaxed and happy again..i think he heard me when i said he was done, he doesn't need to worry about us bugging him anymore.
the vet did come out and see chewie...we are going back to daily showering of his wound. that is how we healed it up last time so i am hoping it will work this time too. chewie is pretty good about the daily showers..i think he kind of likes to be the only goat in the world who gets a personal shower every day.

so i am not feeling all that great tonight..i have a sore throat and a headache..i hope i am not going to be sick during my holidays cuz i really want to get the shop done up this month cuz next month is the open house. anyway..i better get to bed, maybe i just need a good nights sleep to kick whatever it is out of my system.



lol...jesse is always grumpy...he is not a nice dog renee!

anyway..i will watch him and see if maybe he is not feeling well and maybe we can mix up his meds so he can feel better while being a grumpy old dog but...his doses are pretty high already for a frail 17 yr old dog, we don't want to give him too much or will he feel wonky and over sedated.

thx sarah..i i do feel better this morning, i had a good sore throat or headache this morning... so far so good! yay!


Carol, I think we talked about this before but can we try Jesse on a higher pain med? I was talking to Krista and she was saying that he's been grumpy lately (i noticed it too the last two days) and I was wondering if it was pain related?