Rescue Journal

two dogs out..two dogs in...sort of.

Carol  ·  May 5, 2012

kobe is out on a trial adoption and dawn took papa john home as a foster dog.

precious's owners dropped by and said they can't keep her due to allergies. precious is a nine year old unspayed tea cup poodle/terrier cross and the owners said she had hip dysplagia but i think they meant luxating patellas. anyway..she is the size of an overgrown hamster so i am not really sure she qualifies as an actual new dog.

the other dog is a stunningly beautiful and utterly sweet, 1 year old maremma who was transferred down from prince george to our local spca. they noticed when she got off the truck that her gait was off so they sent her to the vets for xrays. she has fairly significant hip dysplagia which makes her pretty much unadoptable. we have taken her on and on the way home for my break with her, i stopped to introduce her to janice as a potential permanent foster dog. janice is going to try her overnight so hopefully it works out really well with both the dog and the pigs. this new dog's name is sugar (gag me with a super spoon!) and since she may be staying in foster care, i don't think she counts as a full new dog in here either.

hence..since one is barely a hamster and one may be staying in foster care... the two new dogs in today are sort of's.... they get to be saints but they won't take up much of our space!



Ha, ha what a funny bet to take Carol unless you were looking for to loose.


We should of bet her 5.00 for every dog she did take in.. I told her to just give me the 5.00 when we made the bet LOL


Carol, I knew you woudn't last a year your to kind its your Achilles’ heel.

another Doreen

Really Carol? Even those of us who don't know you in person would be surprised if you could not take in another dog for a month, let alone a year! And you only made it 5 days? Wish I had been in on that bet!


i am only dishing out to those who signed the bet..anyone else is SOL.
for those who don't know..i had a $5 bet with SOME of the staff that i could go from may 1st 2012 to may 1 2013 without taking in any new dogs...that was going to be my birthday present to myself.



Your so dishing out $5.00 to each of us on Monday , hamster size or not!!!

And Sugar is whining at the door and wanting to go for yet another walk aroudn the acreage and we jsut got in here. I let her off leash earlier , bad idea ;o) She seems to be consumed with the search , it saddens to think she may be looking for "home".