Rescue Journal

jimmy passed peacefully away today.

Carol  ·  May 7, 2012

it was end stage renal failure.... too far gone to be able to reverse for a bit.

rest in peace jimmy, you were a very good and very brave little dog who deserved sorry little man.



I believe Lady & Timmy have met up, so they can take this final journey together. Go in peace good dogs.

So sorry Laura, your heart is big & I am sure this loss has left it's mark ((hug))


o laura i am so sorry about lady. i know you ;give your all to the animals that are at saints and to the ones that are lucky enough to find their way into your heart and your home. and so sorry about little jimmy, sure did not have enough time to get to know him. rip little guy.


Carol, you gave your all to little Jimmy in the short while you had him. He isn't suffering now and I'm sure he thanks you for that. Sweet dreams, little one.

Laura, so sorry about your little girl as well.


oh laura i am so very sorry..not just for her passing but because i stupidly forgot to write about her passing..please forgive me..i will write up her obit today on the passig of another much loved and very lucky saint to have had such a great home for her last couple of years of life.


RIP Jimmy........I also lost my little Saint Lady on Sunday with end stage renal failure.....but can not even imagine how such heartless people can just abandon them at the end. I held my little girl close and let her pass with the full knowledge of how much she was loved.....


Rest in peace Jimmy, I wish yur family had been there for you, but I am so glad Carol was able to help you pass.


So very sad. I will never understand how people can do that to one of the family. Thankfully you were there for in the end him Carol.

Marla in SD

Be comforted that he passed away quietly in a warm, safe, loving environment where he knew, ever so briefly, a taste of love and caring instead of in a shelter where he was alone and terrified. Even ever so briefly, he belonged, and in that way, he was lucky. Too bad his "family" didn't have the guts to keep him close these last few brief moments of his life, but he was in a much more loving, caring place when he passed.


poor jimmy. sorry carol, we know you tried. FUCK YOU jimmys ex owners. FUCK YOU.

Bunny Horne

RIP little guy. Thank you Carol for letting him pass with respect and dignity. He should have passed on in the arms of his family.


Sad news. RIP Jimmy. And Thank you Carol for trying to have him in a better place.


Very sad news.

Rest in peace little man. It was an honor to meet you, sorry we couldn't do more.