Rescue Journal

vacation day 1

Carol  ·  May 7, 2012

i always know when i am getting over tired...i am like a giant middle-aged baby..i get kind of weepy and whiny. yesterday i felt myself blinking back tears a couple of times over jimmy (like that's going to help him?) and i gave shelley and darcy a bit of a hard time trying to shoot a promo for ctv.
evening shifts really do undo me.

the problem is i have almost half a day to squeeze stuff in and wear myself out before i even go to work for my now instead of my usual 12 hour day..i put in 18 hours it for 4 or 5 18 hour days in a row and it sucks big tme and i become a big grey haired baby.

the good news is..i am now on 9 days of holidays! yay!!!!

i will call the vets as soon as they open and see if anyone can squeeze jimmy in so we can get some answers for him. then i will make plans for this first day of vacation which i hope includes a trip to the vet!

new buddy-boy is out on a trial adoption...i really hope this works out for him! pinky's potential adoptive family are coming to visit him on i hope that is a good fit too! the electrician is coming today...the camera folks are coming on wed, we are expecting a hay and shavings delivery this week too...hope there is enough money to pay for it!
i hope this next week goes well enough for me to clean up the gawd damn shop!

and i really hope the vets tell me we can give jimmy some good quality of life.
hope as always is floating for various things this week at saints on the first day of my holidays..yay!



I brought Rumple to SAINTS from the city pound. There is no way he would have made it out of there. So, first SAINTS, then Maggie, have given this deserving, kind and funny dog exactly what he deserves: love, comfort and fun. Many, many thanks...

And as for Carol being difficult on our CTV promotional shoot, well, some people simply cannot handle the spotlight. Their love affair with the camera gets the best of them. They get... uppity, and demanding. It's sad, really.


Of course, Darcy and I were also over an hour late, which may have had something to do with Carol giving us the gears.

The volunteers who appeared in the group promo ROCKED, thank you so much for being good sports... Shelley

Bunny Horne

Thank you, Maggie for treating Rumple with such love and respect. He's a sweetie pie.


Yea for Rumple...we miss him toddling around out at the barn, but reading this just makes me smile. Thanks so much for that !!!


Carol can isabelle work for me on Wednesday? I have a meeting with an acting agent!! So exciting!


I would like to add to my previous comment that having a senior animal as part of your life is a fantastic thing. Once they have relaxed in their new environment they give more than they take and knowing you are giving a old, sometimes battle scarred, pet a loving forever home is a great feeling....nothing better!


To everyone who knows Rumple...he is doing really well. Every day he feels more at home and is taking over all three dog beds, rumpling as he goes!
I installed the 7 new planter boxes around the edge of the deck yesterday so our boy doesn't walk off. Now we can have all the French doors, etc. open and he can go in and out at will.
For such an old guy, Carol thinks he may be around 18, he has a very distinct personality that comes out the more we are around him.
We are so lucky to have him as part of our lives.


Hang on little Jimmy, you're in a good place now. Rest, eat and get better. Absolutely the heartbreaking, you deserved better.

and on side note....Papa John is a hoot but man Trudy is not happy to share. For the first time since she came home with me she slept in the dog beg on the floor, not with me. I guess you could say I'm in the dog house with her and have some groveling to do.