Rescue Journal

good morning..

Carol  ·  May 9, 2012


precious has a new is Precious Polly Pocket..sorry i just cannot call a dog "precious"..reminds me too much of gollum from lord of the rings. so she can keep the "precious" in her full name but i will call her polly day to day. i took her to the vets yesterday for her pre-spay check and bloodwork and left her there for her surgery today.
except...her spay will have to wait for a few weeks because her little mouth is rotten so she is actually having a dental today..the vet said that was the most important thing to do for her first.
damn...we won't be able to look for a new home for her until after her spay.

esther goes in today to have her leg looked at..the original wound looks good but she has gotten at the bandage and created a new big tear in the skin...grhhh.

the elecrician came the last two nights and everything is ready for the camera install...i really want to thank Shaun from Pinnacle Electric, who came after work and donated all of his time...super nice and caring guy!!!! (he has a rescued dog too!) thank you maggie for hosting him here while i was at the vets both days!

i need to remind everyone to please ensure the mp building door fully closes when going in and out of there...sam and lea went off on a hike up stave lake road by themselves...totally freaked me out!

also...i won't go into the hysterical details BUT...mystic was playing bobbing for baby ducks in the pond and that totally freaked all of the staff out! the ducks are fine but fom now on, someone needs to do a full check on the pond and all around the bottom field BEFORE the dogs are let out for their runs. hopefully mom duck does NOT bring her babes back here to swim in our pond but lets be safe, just in case!!!

oh and YAY..i finally cleaned out my car!!!!!



glad the 2 sweetest dogs in the world were found ok! shit, thats worrisome


Polly was doing great when I left. No extractions, just beautiful teeth under all the crud. Should be able to spay her soon. :)


Precious reminds me of "Silence of the lambs". Glad you changed her name :-)