Rescue Journal

you know you are in trouble when...

Carol  ·  May 11, 2012

as soon as you open your eyes, your hand is reaching for the advil.... killer headache this morning.

chilco did well with her vet visit yesterday...we got some guidence, we have sort of a maintenence medical plan so now we will just wait and see how her dysplagia progresses....hopefully slowly!

precious polly pocket did well with her dental, she is glad to be home. i will book her spay in a few weeks and then she will be ready for adoption. we have to wait for the bacterial load in her mouth to go down before we surgically open her up because of the increased risk of infection.

tess is going to the vets today...she has a hematoma on her ear flap.

the dogs are all gearing up for an early morning howl fest and i am trying to stop them so every time someone starts i have to yell at them to knock it off and that hurts my poor freaking head.

i still have to plant the memorial garden today and dig two big holes for the baby apple trees i just bought (they were on sale for cheap!) i have a couple of big dump runs today, plus i need to pick up a big load of donated food from bosleys in maple ridge, go and see dixie and feed her a couple of apples and do some more work in the shop.

there are already resumes coming in...i have 2 possibly 3 intro to saints and the work we do tours to do this afternoon for applicants for the barn job...i will just keep moving forward thru the whole time consuming process until i hear from everyone who is interested so i can make this the very last hiring i have to do for a very long time!

cheryl... do not forget to phone me!

ok..i better get moving i have a lot of stuff to do today and i know damn well i won't get to all of it...hope floats i get to most of it tho so i don't carry a bunch over to tomorrow.



Further thought. When, and if, I drop off the food I can load up with one of the dump runs and drop off on my way home. Is this Karma or what??
Call me


I'm going into Maple Ridge leaving at 9am so can swing by and pick up the food from Brosleys if you wish. Phone and let me know one way or the other.