Rescue Journal

todays quick bits.

Carol  ·  May 14, 2012

200 bucks later, little bird has a decent home, a ton of toys and the very best of food and treats...all up in his very own private and quiet, hideaway suite....that should happily hold him for a few weeks til i figure out the aviary thing.

accurate was here and started the camera install...super nice guys.they will be back tomorrow to finish the initial wiring part. apparently we are getting an over $20,000.00 monitering system installed (wow..absolutely amazing..i cannot believe the kindness and generosity of tony and his suppliers in donating it all!!!!) this system will include 8 monitering cameras...4 for the barn, 2 for the front of the shelter and two that i can watch the guys at night out in the riding ring and this also includes a driveway alert alarm so i will know when someone pulls in and tries to sneak off leaving a cat or a dog in the night. this has already happened before... and now i will know right away so whoever it is is not stuck there alone in the dark until mornng.

tomorrow is my last day of holidays..and no i did not get the shop fully done. i am so discombobulated with figuring out other things that i just can't seem to dig in and get that freaking building done. oh well..i will get it done before the open house next month..i won't have a choice on that.

i think i should try to get out of here tomorrow and just take at least a part of a days break from saints so i don't go totally head banging insane...hmmm..maybe i can go and see annabelle??? that would be great!



oh geez sorry! i don't know what i was thinking when i typed that..i have fixed it now...duh!

Tony deMontigny

"Accent" is realyy "Accurate Security" here in New Westminster and its our pleasure to help you Carol! While we may be the instrument associated with the installation; none of this would be happening without the generous support of our suppliers and friends. To those reading this; Carol has amassed some amazing veterinary bills and could really use some support and assistance! We're looking forward to completing for you at month's end Carol. Take care! Your friends at Accurate Security.


Bunny, I don't have the DVD of Jenn's but...Jenn if you are reading this could you bring one out on the weekend?


Bunny I have a dvd player I'll drop it off on Sunday with the other stuff I have for you.

Bunny Horne

Hi, Maggie, I won't have access to power, BUT if you can email me the file I can attempt to run it on my TABLET. Or if someone has one of those wee DVD players that can run on battery power I could borrow that might work.
I have already loaded a ton of photos on my tablet.


Bunny, if you have a laptop you could run Jenn's dvd on a loop. It really gives people who haven't been to Saints an understanding of what we are about. It also keeps people engaged at the booth for a bit longer.

Bunny Horne

Yay little birdie finding a new home.

Carol - as you know we were approved for a SAINTS Rescue booth at the Denman Street Car Free Day. I am putting together some little "gifts" with donation and some photos of some of our popular SAINTS (courtesy of Jenn - you remember her, right?). I am hoping to flog a few photos too.

The photos will have a label on the back with Saints website AND of course (yay Maggie).

I am preparing a sheet that will hang from the booth with SAINTS RESCUE, and I am thinking of adding a few friends of Saints to give them some recognition as well. Barking Babies will give me some flyers indicating that they support SAINTS Rescue (any idea when they will be added to the website?). They have the potential to raise a lot of money for us in that wee store so I want to give back to them in appreciation.

How about ACCENT Security? Do they only service the Fraser Valley or do they service Vancouver? I could definitely add them to my backdrop in an effort to get them some exposure.

Lisa Kish

Carol, Abby Middle had a bake sale and Sienna has a cheque for $152, she will bring it next time she comes with Diana