Rescue Journal

chicken talk...

Carol  ·  May 19, 2012

loretta was back in wth the chickens tonight..i see 4 possible options on why this might be.

1. maybe someone left the door open to the main chicken area, she walked in and no one could tell which one she was so they left her there.

but no one told me this.

2. maybe she got into the main chicken area and someone made the decision that since she obviously wanted in... to let her stay there.

but no one told me this..

3. maybe she flew out of the front paddock area and it was decided to put her back in the main coop with the rest of the chickens because that run is wire roofed and safer for her.

but no one told me this.

4. maybe she suddenly began pecking on crosby and for crosby's safety it was decided to move her.

but no one told me this.

all i know is that i wanted loretta to live with crosby for two pretty good reasons...

1. loretta is now the low chicken on the chicken totum pole and the rest of the birds had already started to peck on her..just like they did to her previous low on the totum pole sisters (which are now all dead.) they will most likely start pecking on her again.

2.crosby has been horribly lonely...she has lived away from all other barn birds for her entire life and finally she had a feathered friend. since loretta moved in with her, crosby has dropped years off of her age...she is no longer she speaks, she lays (mutant) eggs, she nests, she stands up straight and she is again interested in living.

no one had to tell me these two things because i knew them from watching over and being responsible for the wellbeing of all of our birds.

so tonight i went to put the birds to bed...and i find crosby all alone in her yard...she is calling and calling and calling out. i look for loretta in their house and no loretta is there. i feel my heart drop because i initially think somehow loretta has either gotten away or a predator took her away. then i look in the main coop and i see her there, already roosting, waiting for the other chickens to come in. and i think oh fer chrissakes fine..if this is going to be such a freaking big deal, you can just stay here..but don't blame me if suddenly you find yourself once again the victim of your sisters very sharp beaks.

so i left her there and closed everyone in.

and then i started watering the flowers and the apple trees and i could hear crosby inside the coop...calling and calling and calling. and soon i could not stand it any more..i went into the chicken coop, opened the door, shoo'ed the chickens down off their roosts and watched loretta strut out the door and straight back in crosby's open door. far as i know... because no one has told me any differently...all is right in the saints chicken and turkey worlds cuz everyone is once again in the spots that i thought were best for them.

maybe loretta thinks she will fit back in there and they won't hurt her again..but i have seen them do it to six of the i wouldn't count too much on that...she is far safer living with crosby.



So happy to hear Crosby has a feathered friend and isn't sad anymore. She was SO lonely and depressed when she wintered in the bunny house. She's such a sweet girl.


What a funny story! When we used to have chickens, one of the hens made friends with a lonely, male pheasant. She went into the coop every night and every morning when she went out, the pheasant would come and they'd peck away and hang out. It was cute. I wish I'd take a picture...