Rescue Journal

ok...meds are done...

Carol  ·  May 19, 2012

everyone is pretty much settled except for bear cuz he is big homesick baby. i spent an hour bathing, de-matting and de-crusting chance cuz his foster family can't do him as well cuz he bites them. i don't care if he bites me so he pretty much doesn't even bother to try, except twice but half heartedly when i was de-matting inside his ears.
he is also sick...not sure if he has a cold or something worse, i just noticed it while i was bathing him but he is blowing pus and green bubbly crap out of his nose..of course he is cuz this is a long weekend and the clinics are closed. luckily i have antibiotics to start him on..hopefully he doesn't get sicker and have to go to emergency. damn these pushed in face little dogs..their nasal passages are pretty much non existent.

esther is home from the vets...she has a new antibiotic added to the baytril for her leg. the vet said until her cushings is under control, it is going to be really hard for her to heal. hopefully the stim test comes back and we are right on track...fingers crossed that she is ready to start her maintenence dose.

little georgia is doing quite well...sure likes to be fed! tonight when i got home from work, i got little bouncies and tiny kisses. what a sweet dog...and damn whoever had her and didn't feed or look after her very well.

still worried about wilbur...apparently he did not get up today...but he did get up for his dinner. i scooped a bunch of poop out of his bed and put shavings down along the back so it is easier to scoop up then the hay is. KO also scooped his bed of poop this morning so at least he is pooping ok.

just a note to barn staff and volunteers..please don't scoop up hay from the ground and put it back in the feeders...janice cleaned a ton of wet, moldy, hay out of the hay feeder rack bottoms this week and i see the one next to the cow barn tonight is packed at the bottom with more crud today. i know it seems a huge waste of hay to toss away what is on the ground..but if it has been on the ground, most likely someone has at some point peed on it and it just gets left in the feeders cuz no one will eat it and it rots in there anyway.
i would rather just get rid of it and give them fresh hay. and....if there is a lot of left over hay on the probably means we are putting out too much hay in the first place.

ok whew..bear is finally sleeping, now i can go watch a movie with the bed buddies..yay!


Bunny Horne

Jenn - don't forget to look for a box of Saints photos in the MP room. They are in a small Costco photo box with your name on it. If you have an in-box slot and they fit Brent will put them in there.