Rescue Journal

i am very sad to report that today we lost dusty.

Carol  ·  May 20, 2012

she couldn't get up this morning and there was obviously something seriously neurologically wrong with her front right leg plus her hind end was weak and unable to support her.. i thought maybe she had gone hypolycemic and seizured and stroked, i spoon fed her and she wolfed down the food..and then i thought i smelled acetone on her maybe she was hyperglycemic and going ketonic..and now i was just guessing.

we loaded her up on a stretcher and took over to emergency..they checked her blood sugars..not bad...23 but she hadn't had any insulin yet and had a can and a half of high energy food so 23 was sort of ok considering.

while we were there, we found a large hard mass under her right arm pit that extended down her rib cage that i did not know was there and now we were thinking that mass had suddenly pressed on a nerve which is why the leg was basically dead. we did xrays and besides the mass it showed two suspicious ?cancer? areas on her sternum and rib plus it showed she had spondyliosis of her upper spine.

then i had to decide...bring her home overnight and hope she could get up again knowing that being unable to get up was freaking her out...and if she was unable to get up again, bringing her back tomorrow to put her down. she was going thru a major crises with a lot of scary things, especially for a blind dog.

i think if we had done all of the diagnostics to know absolutely for sure, i think we would have found that she had a malignant, fast growing and quickly spreading tumour that was now interferring with the nerves in her leg. if her back end wasn't already messed up and weak from severe arthritis..maybe i would have taken more time to think about overnight, but dusty could not happily stay down and with only one functioning leg, she couldn't get up.

i didn't want to unnecessarily prolong her fear and suffering...i decided to euthanize.

i don't know if this was the right decision but i hope it was.

i love you dusty and i am so sorry to have lost you.

rest in peace baby, you were a very good girl.


Grant Hayter-Menzies

You make the right decisions in helping give quality of life for the Dustys of this world and you made the best decision to help Dusty at the most critical moment: when it was her time to go to sleep. Thank you for everything you do.

We loved meeting Dusty and we hold her in memory.

Grant and Les


she was a very nice girl and i am so sad but so glad she came to saints rip dusty and where you are going may your eyes see the bright sun and feel the soft warmth on your coat of fur. you deserve that and so much more.


I'm sorry for your loss. Poor girl, she must have been totally freaked out not knowing what was going on.


Oh dusty dust, you have always had a special place in my heart and I will miss you sweetie. Carol I feel you made the right decision, it's what I would have done.


On Friday I took Dusty for a walk into the next door field. The sun was shining and as soon as she hit the grass she rolled on her back and just delighted in the sensation of throwing her legs in the air. Major tummy rubs later we went for a walk around the field...I am so glad I got to spend that last time with her.
So sorry Carol.


R.I.P Dusty may you have plenty of food to eat and plenty of people to rub ur tummy. You were always one of my favorites.


Oh no, so sorry to hear of Dusty's passing. Yes, the MP room will be lonely without her and Lucky will miss her. I will miss her o. My way to clean the Shy guy area.


That's so sad. Like so many others, Dusty & Lucky were the first SAINTS animals I met on my tour and their stories touched my heart. Dusty always looked up for a cuddle and some petting when we went into the MP room. It won't be the same without her. So terribly sorry Carol - but I'm sure you did the right thing. She wouldn't have thanked you for letting her suffer. Sweet dreams, angel.


It's so hard seeing them struggle and having to make this decision. She will be missed in the MP room, RIP Dusty.


Oh, Carol. This is sad news. Can't imagine the MP room without Dusty. She was there when I first came to Saints and had changed from such a scrawny character to a lovely sturdy solid dog. R.I.P. Dusty.


Jenn and I will miss her everyday and we can't imagine the pain you are going through Carol but we to are having a hard time with this as well. All the best.


Oh I am so sad and Lucky will be so lonely without Dusty.Sweet dreams Dusty....the MP room will be empty without you, so sorry Carol, hugs to you.

bunny horne

Dusty was the first Saint we met on our tour, her welcome made us want to be a part of the Saints family. Deepest condolences to Carol, the staff and volunteers that were a part of Dusty's daily life.

janet nicholson

Carol, you always make the right decisions for the animals - you follow your heart and do what you know is best for them - even though it kills you to do it - you think of them first - and I am so sorry for your loss.