Rescue Journal

so either...

Carol  ·  May 24, 2012

everyone was fine after i went to bed or i slept thru whatever new catastrophe they had...anyway everyone seems ok this morning...ignorance sometimes is bliss i suppose.

i don't feel like going into work tho.

oh well...too bad, so sad..lazy doesn't really count as an excuse for not going to work..but maybe it should.

odie is already playing with his ball this morning, apparently he feels well rested and perky today. phoebe is curled up under a blanket on the couch...she is softly growling at him to stay far away....between the two, i would say i feel more like phoebe today.

i am very upset over my apple trees..ellie was eating them again yesterday. i have been thinking about planting them for at least five years now and i finally get them..and put in the ground (thank you allie!) and ellie is using them for giant pig tooth is frustrating in the extreme and she is a very bad, baby tree killing pig.

i am simply not even going to look any more. ellie has decided that those trees are hers and she will win cuz by the time we build a fence to protect them, it will be too late. it is far too upsetting so i won't even look.
one day ellie, i will have apple trees and you won't be able to reach time around, i get to win!

you have to pick your point in fighting if you are going to get creamed by the pig.

note to my not so bright self...first the fence and then the trees....duh!

well..i guess it is time to move my lazy ass in the general direction of my next paycheque...oh freaking yay. today is another just get thru it day.


Janette Korabo

Hi Carol, just wanted to let you know I finish at the golf course at 3pm tomorrow so Ill be there to put everyone to bed between 3:30 and 4!


I sympathize with the lose of your apple trees. Mine were expensive weeping red maples. Several years ago my beautiful dalmatian, Molly, patiently watched me plant them. I did put up a small ugly fence around each one. She totally left them alone. I removed the fence and all was well for about a month. Yes, a month!!! Then something stressed her out and she chewed off each one at ground level. I actually think you have the reincarnation of my Molly. It isn't the pig but it's Phoebe. ha ha