Rescue Journal

thank god it is sunday!

Carol  ·  May 27, 2012

cuz i am on days off mon/tues!

i am not sleeping well is the multiple hot flashy thing. and it is striking many times during the day/night now so i guess finally fulltime for real menopause decided i was worthy. if the mood swings decide to appear and if they are as drastic as the silent searings....i would humbly suggest that everyone prepare early, just in case, and wear body armour when they are near me. apparently ebbing and raging hormones may take over my world...this so might not be fun.

i can't imagine too many things worse then a hormonal borderline crazy rescuer...that is pretty damn scary...good thing i never did get a gun.

back in the 70's the docs put my mom (and many other poor women) on valium, i guess to keep violent crimes the 80'and 90's we decided to torture mares and kill foals and came up with the brilliant idea of premarin to control menopause...and in the years 2000+ apparently there are all kinds of more natural and safer (?) things to try.

but i have a feeling that if my hormones need to turn me inside out and upside down and roast me alive in mid life, there might be a very good reason. i think i will bow to their greater knowledge of whatever the hell they are doing.

so i am apologising early (while i am still somewhat sane...)...everyone take a deep breath, step back and keep yourselves safe until i get thru this.

oh yay.


Janice ter Borg

Carol, ask your doc to prescribe chlonidine. They are tiny blue pills that have saved me from night sweats & hot flashes during business meetings! It's not a hormone. It was originally developed/used as a blood pressure pill but they found that it also reduce menopausal symptoms. I couldn't live without it!

Bunny Horne

I started to see an herbalist that is on Global TV monthly. She is pretty impressive. I thought my hormones might need an adjustment and she is doing it with an amazing tea and tincture that she makes just for me. She has an office in Port Moody and it wasn't as expensive as you think. Likely doesn't help much that while the Saints have the best diet they've probably ever had the founder (yes, Carol, that would be YOU) has one of the worst diets ever. So I got a tea, a tincture and an essential oil that can calm the rage quite quickly.

Regarding your design concept for the pig pond - is this something that Brent/I can help with. We are trying to arrange our schedules of June - if he can be of assistance please call him - you should have his number in Mystic's cell phone.

Also on Brad's taco pool - here's an inexpensive solution that you might want to consider. Covering the underside of the pool with fibreglass. It will make it more durable and extend the life of the pool. I found the fibreglass fabric in my cupboard left over from some projects I worked on 5 years ago. All Brent and I would have to do is pick up the resin. (my treat) It's an easy application and it cures very quickly. Because it would have some integrity Brent would be able to fit it with a drain and drain hose.
It could be done in one shift and is minimal expense and if you wanted we could dig out part of his pen and inset the pool into a recess area.
Just another thought you might want to consider.


try some plant estrogen available at your local health food store. I had to have surgical menopause when I was 42 so there was nothing "gradual" about it.. the plant estrogen helped a lot and gave no side effects.


Been there, done that Carol - it's no fun, but you get through it!!!! All of us who have survived it can be very understanding!!!

Barbara DeMott

I never had a hot flash: vegetarian, lots of tofu!!! Go for the good kind of soy, it helps