Rescue Journal

another ooops.

Carol  ·  May 29, 2012

the bedroom felt empty last night..but it really isn't. there are still quite a few dogs in there, but sadly, no fergus.

the new guy arrived just after 7pm...his name is sargeant pepper. he is a senior poodle cross who came in as a stray to animal control about a month or so ago i think. he has a few issues, some lumps and bumps, some currently resolved ear and skin issues and renal disease which was what was probably most likely affecting his adoptability prospects. super nice dog..not too upset to find himself here, pretty damn interested in emptying the food and water bowls..getting along really well with all of the kitchen dogs.

puff, georgia and mystic look totally wonderful from their groomings...thank you laura and terry (and crew) for beautifying our saints!

still worrying (as usual) about gideon, wilbur, holly, manny, jesse, smokey, lucky and esther..everyone else seems to be doing ok.

i had a gawd awful sinus headache sat/sun/mon..this morning the headache is gone (yay!) but now i am sneezing, coughing and stuffed it allergies or the drippy plague? (maybe not so yay.)

yesterday after helping fergus to pass, i did not want to come home. i was in one of those moods that everyone i looked at was going to have an expirary date stamped on their forehead....too depressing. so i went shopping. my income tax return came back and most of it went to bills but i kept $400 back for whatever (jenn calls shopping, therapy...i was pretty sure i needed some of that!) anyway..i went to costco and bought the computer room guys a new tv...theirs is no longer working. and besides me thinking they should have a tv cuz it makes it feel like a more normal kind of home..they need one during thunder storms and firework displays (i turn the volumes on all of the TV's way up to drown out the noise so they don't know to be scared.)
anyway...we needed a wall mount because phoebe occasionally knocks the tv's off the shelf which is why the last one broke. it was a bit of a gong show, getting it up on the wall until laura called a friend to help us..but it did finally get to where i wanted it.

and then it didn't work. are you kidding me? where is the freaking sound and picture????? i played around with the cable cords and eventually found a taped together peice that when i untaped was pulled apart...i stuck the thing back together and viola..the freaking thing worked.
$400 regretful i am thinking maybe the other tv was not actually broken, it was probably that very same cable....ooops...oh well. at least now none of the dogs will ever die from tv's unpredictably falling from the sky...that has to be good.

i guess i should get dressed, looks like another day is starting again.



An FYI for all the cat owners who feed em Friskies, Zellers has it on sale this week 2 for a buck so I am picking up a bunch today or tomorrow


Carol - you make me smile. It's always the animals first for you (which is pretty darn wonderful). But I think when Jenn said shopping is therapy, she probably meant spending some of your income tax return on some special little thing for YOURSELF!!

Bunny Horne

Carol, obviously you bought a flat screen TV for the guys cause that's all we sell at Costco. You do know you can't keep them on 24/7 right? They don't have the life of the old CRT TVs.


I'm glad that Sargeant Pepper is settling in. I didn't think he'd have too much difficulty. He has a lot of character so hopefully someone will be able to see past his difficulties and adopt him. Thanks so much Carol!