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i feel a bad mood rising....

Carol  ·  May 30, 2012

sometimes i forget...that i am getting old, that i have fibromyalgia, and have arthritis in my neck and back and then i do a couple of really stupid things, like not taking the advil that i religiously take every morning and night (i was taking antihistamines instead)......and then...duh... hauling around a couple of little but still awkward, tv sets.

this morning i was supposed to drop georgia off at the vets on my way into work. slight change of plans...i will still drop her off but then i am coming home and taking a whack of muscle relaxants and going back to bed.

the tv hauling came from my ephiphany that maybe that tv set was not really dead. and i started thinking that the back room cats also have not had a tv since their last tv went dead. so i went into their room, started hauling out cages and shoving shit around, scrubbing the disgusting wall that i found and setting up the tv for them.... and then discovering fer chrissakes the freaking thing was really broken. shit. but now i have it in my head that they absolutely have to have a tv again too and i remember that there was a little tv upstairs in the closet in the suite that i was pretty sure still worked. oh yay. so i went over and got it, brought it back to the house and then i was pretty damn happy cuz the back cats had a tv and all was again fair and good. the cats freaking care if they have a tv? maybe not.... but i bet they are glad i hauled shit in and out and cleaned the wall in their room cuz it does feel good in there now.

and why the hell is the freaking water pump running?..i can hear it but i can't actually get down into the crawl space today to find out. i don't think there are any staff here yet this morning so no water should be running anywhere yet.....i better go toddle painfully outside and see if someone accidently forgot and left a hose or tap running yesterday.

i think maybe....i am not in a good mood today...note to myself..never stop taking the advil.



Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for all the well wishes and they must have worked! The surgery went well! And turns out the blockage was caused from scar tissue from a past hernia operation, which then caused the intestine to get twisted up, so they removed/straightened out and she'll be okay. The internet had me scared shitless and convinced it was a tumor.

She'll be in the hospital for a week. I'm going to see how she feels and if she wants me to stay behind I might do that, but otherwise we'll head back Saturday and I can come in so there will be lots of help :) I'll blog on Saturday and let everyone know

Oh ya, and Brian and I ended up taking the dogs with us. Hehe they're asleep on their own queen size bed right now lucky girls


i hope your mom is ok zoe and don't worry about the weekend, we will be fine.


Zoe, I'll be an extra on Sunday anyway so I can always do the cats if needed. Hope all goes well for your mom!


Zoe, don't worry about Sunday - take care of yourself and your mom. We'll be ok. I appreciate the "heads up" tho - and I know you'd ensure your animals are well looked after in your absence.


Carol I so know how you feel, Advilis my friend as well!!!! Zoe I hope your Momis all right, fingers crossed.


Sorry to heat that Zoe. On the upside I have 2 DVDs of music for you now =)


My mom's been away on the island for the past couple weeks and I just got a call that she's in the hospital and is going in for surgery to remove a blockage tonight. I'm heading out there first thing in the morning. Hopefully everything will be okay and I'll be back Friday or Saturday. It sounds pretty serious and no one knows anything can't get any answers so I just wanted to give the heads up if something's really wrong and I won't be back for Sunday.

**My good friend is coming to stay at my place while I'm gone to take care of the animals so Sugar is all good


Wondering is SAINTS will be asking for people to send in their pennies as I have noticed a number of charities doing so in light of the fact that it will disappear and perhaps people want to unload any they have lying around. Penny Power For Pooches and Pussycats.