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if am thinking something and then find out i am is only fair to admit it...i admit it... i was REALLY wrong!

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2012

so i babysit bear and bambi for the weekend and both erin and lynne felt that somehow they should say thank you for looking after saints dogs???? (totally not necessary.)

so lynne gave me a gift card for macdonalds...YAY! (free dog-free breakfasts for me! i am pretty damn excited about this..this is a perfect gift for me!!)

and erin gave me a gift card for "lush"..she said.."have you heard of them?"
i think i said yes (and if i did, i was lying cuz it was really no..and whatever it was, it sounded disgusting.)
erin said..."they make great organic me, you will really like them!"
i probably said something like..."oh good!"...but i am really thinking oh not yay, whale sperm is organic.

jenn showed up a few days later and i said.."hey do you want this gift card that erin gave is from lush and it sounds gross?" (sorry erin but i didn't want it to go to waste!)
jenn said.."no, you want it...they make bath stuff, you like bath stuff."
i said...'oh...where are they?"
jenn said "there is a store in coquitlam center"..i said "well i ain't going to coquitlam center" (i can get bath stuff down at shoppers drug mart in mission.)
jenn took it upon herself to stop in at "lush" and get me some bath stuff...she brought it out today.
oh my freaking god!
the bath bomb actually exploded in the tub (not just disintergrated like every other bath bomb i have had!)
i watched this cheerful koolaide green fizzle foaming explosion with happy delight. i wasn't so sure i wanted to bath in koolaide green water, but that bomb was so cool, i decided to try. ooohhh..soft skin...really soft skin, that bomb was magic for sure.

so i decided to unwrap the homemade soap and give it a try (i hate homemade looks dirty and unhygienic) smells wonderful, all freshly squeezed and

so tonight i sat in my lime green bombed bath and smelled my soapy hands (and my soap dish holding the soap, just cuz it smelled soooo good!) and i thought i had died and gone to heaven.


thank you lynne for more than a weeks worth of breakfasts! thank you erin for the gift card! (and thank you jenn for making sure that i used it.)

i can't wait til tomorrow when i can have another bath!!!!

(oh..and does anyone else want me to babysit a dog...maybe there is other cool stuff out in the real world that i don't know about????)



Yukk, Helga. Your kitties are bringing you little tokens of their love for you!!!


Not a Saint story (unless Miz Millie was involved in this) but I had to share. Wander sleepily out of bedroom. Switch on bathroom light. Oh no!!! Blood splotches on bathroom floor. More blood and bloody pawprints all over hallway. Is the Phantom Barfer throwing up blood now? Noooo! Start mopping up. Mooch appears with dead vole. Sigh of relief. Dispose of vole. Feed cats. Have breakfast. Go to get washed and dressed and 'ta da' find another neatly gutted vole on the clean jeans folded on top of the laundry hamper. Both voles looked like juveniles. Probably not experienced enough to keep out of the cat deck. The one on the jeans was probably enthusiasticly flung in the air and never came back down. Life with critters

Bunny Horne

Carol, I am making a donation to the non-profit society that is running the Denman Street Car Free Day, Sunday, June 17th. I am donating granola bars that I will purchase from Costco with my 2% spending voucher to feed their volunteers. They are SO ECSTATIC that they are going to mention SAINTS Rescue on their website. Go figure.


Ashley, if you go to there is a PDF download of the 1000 Saints poster


Does anyone have any pamphlets/hand outs for SAINTS I can hand out at work? If you do can you email it to


Cracked me up, Carol. Indulging & pampering yourself once in a while is great, right??!!


a convert! hurrah!!

you can ration the bath bombs by cutting them into two, or four pieces. they don't make it go as "lushy", but you have them for longer.


you had me laughing as soon as you wrote you had never heard of lush... I knew the rest of the story was going to be priceless.