Rescue Journal

pigs, horses, dogs and ducks.

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2012

wilbur had a freaking screaming fit when he got booted out of bed today...he was bitching and swearing (in pig talk) and carrying on like the world was ending (right when a tour was going thru the barn yard.)
hah, i am sure they thought the barn volunteers were pig abusers!

he got so mad when i dared to put his dinner 3 feet away from his bed that not only did he have another yelling and swearing pig fit but he literally started foaming at the mouth!

ok that worked....i moved the bowl over next to his bed....he shut up (and stopped foaming) and quietly ate his supper.

i think i should maybe seek out a (real) animal communicator and see what the hell is bugging that pig!

i asked ellie if she knew what his problem was but she just looked over (sort of sympathetically) in his general direction. since she also doesn't speak english...she's not really all that much help.

i have two days off and i should spend both of those days in the shop. the open house is getting close..and so are my pre-open house freak outs.

gideon ate really well at dinner tonight. by the time i closed up the barn, 3/4's of his very large dinner was gone.

there was a lone duck down in the pond when i took sam and lea for their bedtime walk. she was frantically feeding and making weird little continuous (and pathetic) duck sounds. where is her partner? i think ducks are not supposed to be all alone..... watching her made me feel sad.

ok gotta go and kill jesse..he is doing that gawd awful annoying, bark, bark, bark thing out in the back yard. i figure if it bugs me, it must bug the neighbors too.



She is the one who did the book with proceeds going to Saints of which I got my mom copy


i was going to say that i had sam and lea out on sat about 1 oclock and put them back in their side. i did pull the wire fence back but maybe did not pull it back correctly or in the right place. i pulled it back to the wall. is there something i should have tied it to. it looked fine when i left. i do not know if i was the last person there. sorry if it was me.