Rescue Journal

i think stress in rescue is like super just naturally sticks to you.

Carol  ·  Jun. 7, 2012

the front yard is basically tree branch clear...maggie sent a couple of great guys over..thx maggie! they will be back tomorrow for the driveway load and to rake up the little stuff still in the yard but at least the dogs can again safely go out. these guys are super AND what a concept, they will actually work in the rain! they are going to come back when i am on holidays (and available to sort shit) to haul a bunch of crap out from the driveway tent....BIG YAY!

ellie is good again today..that is a HUGE relief!

i picked up some good and nutritious food for our new soon to be mama and papa pots (spinach, bananas, strawberries and apples...all of their food is conveniently in the shop)...also they are on pot belly youth food cuz grace needs a really good diet for her babes (in the blue bin next to their gate.) these pigs are so utterly cheerful and sweet and they really like strawberries!

i forgot to buy wilbur more fig newtons tho so i will have to remember to stop and get him some tomorrow.

spectra energy volunteers are supposed to be here on saturday to put in part of the lower field fence but if this crappy weather keeps up, i don't think they will be able to. i wonder if i should switch their project to something painting?
oh what to do, oh what to do?????
i better decide cuz i have to pick up the materials and supplies by tomorrow...yikes!!!!!

i need to check the weather better be accurate!

the last of the CTV Steele Your Side updates on the SAINTS cameras will be aired on CTV news on monday.

ok, now that i can relax about the tree prunings, i better start stressing about saturday's happenings. somedays (most days) it just seems like i go from one stress on to the next without a second breath.

ellie says..." i am being a good girl today and not stressing you!"



Bunny Horne

Just a comment on a camera for the shop, wouldn't we have to pay for that, it would be presumptious would it not to expect an additional donation after everything they've done for Saints? Just sayin'.


can we get accurate security back to put in a shop camera? call me crazy, thatd be cool to see!