Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2012

i went to 6 places today to find a post pounder for tomorrow. i finally found one at the last place. when i got it was too small. buckerfields in abbotsford apparently had a bigger one, so i drove out there bought it and brought it home and checked it..oh yay! it was the exact same size as the one that i bought today that also doesn't fit. then i drove to janice's and borrowed hers..i am too tired to check it but it looks like it is bigger and will work.

i really hate post pounders, they are a royal pain in the ass.

saints welcomes two new cats. there was a fellow in our driveway wanting to surrender his cats. krista said "no we are full and not accepting any new animals at this time." he said he was desperate and if we didn't take them he was going to have to set them loose out in the back forty. krista called me, i said i would talk to him and asked him some stuff about the cats...age-12yrs, how long they had had them-12 yrs..why they had to go?-an elderly parent with alzheimers disease moved in and was terrified of the cats. i asked if it was true that if we didn't take them, he was going to dump them out in the bush? he said he didn't want to but he would have no choice because they absolutely had to get rid of them both.

i actually think he was lying..i highly doubt he would have dumped them, i think he was just desperate enough to threaten to do it to try to get some help.

whatever..i told krista to take them and stuff them in a cage in the mp cat room and i would figure them out when i got home.
so i get home (2 hours late because of god damn freaking post pounders) and i pop in to say hi to the new cats and give them a bit of canned food. one is a DSH golden torbe ( a mix of torteshell and tabby) and the other is a DSH tabby and white. i go over to look at their surrender forms..both cats are female, both are 12 years old and both are listed as black and whites.
i have no idea who is who..all i do know is neither of them are black and white cats....what the heck?

anyway..i am glad that they are here and not alone and afraid and abandoned in the probably would never have happened bush..and i am even glad that grandma won't be terrified of the cats any more because being confused AND afraid really does suck.

but i do wish i knew which cat was which so i could at least call them by their right names.

sigh..i will try to figure it out tomorrow...tonight i am simply too freaking post pounder bagged.



Years ago my kid sisters young dog got out and was missing for a few days. A dobie mix he was black with the reddish brown feet as per his breed. I was at work reading the found ad's and came accross a pooch that was listed as black and white. Not sure if it was a typo error or not but it was my sisters dog.