Rescue Journal

wide awake and worrying....

Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2012

might as well start the day.

i woke up with pinky firmly entrenched in my brain...i guess i better get hold of his new family as soon as we reach a decent hour and make sure everything is ok so i can worry about something else instead.

at least i can see that all is well out in the barn so no worries there.

smokey was a bit needy and odd last night.....he actually climbed up the stairs and on to the bed and then onto my chest to periodically give little kisses. he stayed like that for about half an hour before he turned around, cuddled up to my side and slept. considering his recent new seizure activity and that splenic mass we found several months ago....smokey is surprising me and doing quite well overall.

joey is having a hay day with the new stuffies in the bedroom toy box..joey just loves playing with toys.
i keep meaning to set up a toy box in the big dog and computer rooms..hopefully i will get to it this weekend....june, mystic and odie would all like some new toys to goof with too.

maggie had rumple into the clinic yesterday, he is not doing too great. she said the vet is worried about his liver...we are just waiting for his blood work to come back.

i finally replaced the lost on site cell phone..i switched mine over and it is set up in the shop with the recharger so the staff can get a hold of me whenever they need. i also lost our internet last night and had to call shaw to coach me thru getting it back. while i was on the phone with them, i FINALLY booked an appointment for them to come out and repair the land line. it is totally stupid and irresponsible of me that for months and months and months, i haven't gotten around to getting the house phone fixed. but it is such a freaking hassle having repair guys in and out of here. anyway..i booked them in for when i am on holidays in a couple of weeks...easier to deal with when i am here.

since i switched my cell over to the shop, i used my fido dollars and got a new and better phone for i just have to learn how to use the freaking thing. i wish someone would make SIMPLE technological things...not everyone wants remote controls, cell phones or whatever to do a bunch of complicated stuff. i have no desire to access or take over the entire wireless world thru my cell phone or tv.

well i see daylight has fully arrived, i guess it is officially now morning. it is going to be a very long day since i started it so early.


Bunny Horne

Carol, get the fence fixed - that's way more important than paint. In a short time, if it ever stops raining, you will have a lush lower pasture for the dudes to graze in and you will be fretting continually if there's any possibility that Emily et al decide to take a walk on the wild side again.

I am sure we can figure out a game plan to get the house painted.

Hey, what about the entrance to the barn, those doors should be painted. Everytime there's a photo they look ghastly. The back entrance doors look good, but the inside doors to the front entrance - not so attractive. Do you have Ziggy proof paint available so we could slap on some white paint for the front entrance? It wouldn't take long to do.

Don't forget that you are supposed to go through your air conditioner needs with Brent on Sunday so he can get you ready for the hot weather - hopefully this Junuary weather won't last forever.