Guardian angel ends animal rescue's camera woes

Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2012

Darcy Wintonyk and Lynda Steele
A local business has come to the rescue of a Mission animal shelter that paid thousands of dollars for security cameras that were never installed.

Carol Hine of SAINTS -- Senior Animals In Need Today Society – used $3,000 of donations in December to pay a Coquitlam security company to install cameras in its barns so she could keep an eye on the older horses.

SAINTS houses almost a hundred old, disabled and unwanted animals, including horses, cows, dogs and cats -- many who would otherwise be euthanized.

Admiral Security took her money but never delivered the goods, and only refunded the cash after Steele on Your Side got involved.

Our story caught the eye of another local security company from New Westminster who offered to make things right, by installing a new security system – at no charge.

Tony de Montigny of Accurate Security said he was spurred into action to install a new system for SAINTS because of his own fondness for rescue animals.

"We have a rescue dog ourselves so we know what it's like for animals not to have a home," he told CTV's Steele on Your Side. "To have 400 of them running around on one piece of property, we knew we had to do something for [Hine]."

De Montigny said his company didn't act alone: Andrew Shih of Eyesonic CCTV donated $5,000 worth of equipment, while Tri-Ed Distribution Canada and Optex America chipped in with cable, wire and alert systems.

The total value of Hine's new installation was $15,550.

Hine said she's thrilled to finally have security cameras to monitor the aging animals overnight, after a six-month struggle.

"You see sort of the bad side of things and think ‘I don't even want cameras anymore and this is not worth it,' and all of a sudden Tony comes and, you know, everything is going to be wonderful and you don't have to worry about anything," she said.

De Montigny said taking away the cost of the security system will allow the charity to focus on what's most important.

"The last time I talked to Carol she had a $17,000 vet bill pending. The money that was returned to her can now go to that bill and she doesn't have to worry about her cameras or her property and her security," he said.

Hine said it's such a relief to be able to just get up in the middle of the night and check the cameras to make sure the animals are safe at night.

She's also discovered that Ziggy the donkey likes to get up and turn the lights on and off in the barn all night long.

"The whole thing has just been an incredibly positive experience," said Hine.

Watch CTV News for the full report, and an insider look at the work being done at SAINTS...


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Sorry to read about Rumple Maggie, he is such a cool guy, out at the barn he was always just struttin along doing his thing. He'd glance up at you with a small wag of his tail and his frosty eyes would say " ya got a treat for me " ?

Bless you for giving him so much individual care & love at the end of his journey. When the time does come I am sure he will feel & know he was deeply loved.

Give him scratches & pets from all of us.


Great story!

Carol this may sound a bit weird coming from a complete stranger but your hair looks fab in that pic :)


Thank you for caring for Rumple, Maggie. How amazing that a dog who was thrown away could wind up ending his days with so much love and comfort.


so glad rumple has a home and a family to be with him thru these last days or weeks. hugs to you both.


Lots of love to Maggie and Rumple. He is a sweetie and thank you for giving him a loving comfortable home to spend wharever time he has left.


So sorry to hear about Rumple, Maggie. He's a lucky boy to have your love and care, and however long he has now, that love will keep him happy.

Deb Eckert

Hi Carol,

I am coming up to the open house. I have a friend whose dog recently passed and she has insulin and thyroid medication pills left. Are you able to use these?



I am afraid the news is not good for Rumple. Nasty things starting to happen to his liver. Going forward it is a day to day situation and as soon as there is an indicator, such as no appetite, we will let him go. Dr. Loff suggested giving him Vit. E and Milk Thistle so picked some up from Roots on my way home.
I will make sure the time he has left is filled with lots of love and his favourite cuddles.