Rescue Journal

holly was euthanized today.

Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2012

she passed very peacefully, i think she was nervous about having to go to the clinic but i don't think she was too afraid. she recognized and trusted renee and me enough to seek us out for reassurence, to slip under my legs or stand quietly for chest rubs from renee.
holly was one of those tough ones who came in far too late for us to really have been able to improve her quality life all that much. having said that, i don't think holly was ready to end her life so many months ago. i just wished she could have ended her life feeling comfortably safe and very well loved in a life long and familar home.
our job became simply to keep her safe, to love her knowing she was no longer able to trust in and feel that love, to provide her with some stabilty (and some really good food which she LOVED!) until she finished her journey to the end of her days.

rest in peace now sweet holly, i wish that i had the chance to love you when you could have known you were deeply loved.




She was a cuitie & was always happy to take a treat when I visited the house guys . There goes another good dog. RIP sweetie

Grant Hayter-Menzies

Rest well, sweet Holly. We only met you once, but we will never forget you.

Grant and Les

Bunny Horne

RIP sweet Holly, my thoughts are with the staff and volunteers that gave her love and attention during her time at Saints.


So sad - she was such a pretty girl. She touched a lot of hearts during her short stay at SAINTS.


I'm going to miss you sweetie, I'm glad I could be with you at the end.

Carol- I can't cover Thursday, my sister needs me early


Oh baby Holly I will sure miss your great company & help on Saturdays. I know you are much happier now, my tears are for myself & everyone that loved you at Saints.


shit she deserved soooo much more in this life what a crap shoot so sorry holly that your life ended this way can you post again carol what her story was. i cant remember but she had to be so terrified for a reason. she liked her walks one on one but had to be coaxed to go. what a way to live a life it totally sucks. rip sweet holly


Oh no, I was afraid of this. Poor Holly is now in an other happy place. RIP beautiful Holly.

elaine erickson

poor little girl but no more seizures and she had losts of love of that I am sure RIP Holly go see Fergie at the rainbow bridge and hug him for me.


This breaks my heart... she was just starting to come around too
RIP sweet Holly <3