Rescue Journal

todays happenings

Carol  ·  Jun. 13, 2012

the day started badly...i was paying attention to what krista was tellng me and not watching the dogs. shane and odie crowded in to be close to me at the same time..i missed odie's "i am about to become an asshole" signal and he jumped shane and then phoebe jumped odie. the only one to get injured was odie who phoebe bit in the foot. there was a ton of swearing on my part as we broke them apart that they were all a bunch of totally assholey jerks. once they were seperated krista said, "oh,oh odie's foot is bleeding,' i said "serves him right and i don't give a shit." i did begrudgingly look at it and he has a small nick in the pad of his foot..unfortunately.... odie will live.

the vets were here until just after noon. checking everyone out. flicka had her teeth floated, czar's sheath got a clean bill of health, there is nothing really they can do for gideon's teeth simply because he doesn't have many left. we talked about again trying to find some god damn timothy forage cubes that do not have any alfalfa in them (gideon detests anything with alfalfa)..i hit every feed store between pitt meadows and into chilliwack without finding any. one place in chilliwack said they can get some in by late tomorrow so i will go back out after work. i did pick him up some broodmare and foal food and we will try him on this. the vet said basically gideon is like a skinny 100 year old man and getting him to eat more will be an ongoing issue.
he is just so thin and frail and wobbly now, it is breaking my heart. he lost his balance some time on sunday and bumped his boney hip on something or other, that sore has now abcessed so the vet drained it and has ordered him antibotic injections for the next week. sigh..just what i want to do every night, stick a needle and a whopping 20cc's of meds into my beloved little old bone rack pony. sometimes i really do hate rescue..just the thought that gideon's end of time might be coming, really does hurt. i want him to live forever and i want him to be a fatty pants too!

i did get all of the too little post pounders returned and i did finally get one of a decent/workable size and i did return the crate to the spca but i did not make it out to see dixie (shit!) cuz i simply ran out of time.

i forgot i was meeting some really nice folks here who held a birthday party for a friend and collected over $3000.00 (holy cow!) for saints. luckily ann was here to help them and give them a quicky basic tour. they were gone by the time i got back which was bad of me, but what kind and generous people they were!
also waiting for me when i got home was coco puff's new adopter, brittany is super nice and bonded with coco immediately and coco really liked her too!...coco has gone out on a two week trial and my fingers and toes are crossed that it is a good match for all.

ok..i really am getting tired of hauling manny up from the floor. i have only been in the house for an hour and now i have to go haul his butt up off the slippery floor for the fourth time. PLEASE stay on your bed manny for a little are hurting my freaking back!



just remind me..i will do the house that day so i can do some extra organizing things at the same time.


Carol I'm not sure if you remember that I mentioned that I would like next Wednesday off if possible. Let me know :)


Hi Alison and Bunny
I slipped over to Aldergrove this morning and picked up 10 bags of Timothy cubes so you don't have to deal with it.
The great news is Gideon was noshing when I left Saints.

janet nicholson

Hope the new food helps Gideon - he is one very lucky little horse to be loved so much - we are rooting for you, Gideon!

Bunny Horne

Alison, let me know if you need me to call ahead to confirm quantity etc. You have my # 604-716-0085.


yay bunny and ali!!!!
can you pick up as many bags of just the plain pure timothy as you can (i think they are about $15 a bag) and i will reimburse you on saturday!
thx so much you guys!!!


Vanderveen is about 2 mins from my work, and Country feeds is close to home so if they have what you need I can pick it up and bring it out on Saturday morning.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I contacted Ontario Dehy who sells Timothy Cubes (all the different varieties) asking whom in BC might sell this product. They advised that they lost their BC distributor, but provided the name of a "wonderful" firm in Washington state that might be able to advise whom he sells to in the lower mainland. I contacted him right away (if you want his name and # let me know). He said that the Timothy cubes (without alfalfa - there are two kinds) are carried by:
COUNTRY FEEDS - 25236 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove
VANDERVEEN HAY SALES - 18726 56 Ave Surrey

Hope this helps.


Wow, great news for Coca puff. Sheiks beautiful sweet girl. I often go and she sits on my lap and I give some brushing. Sure hope this is her new forever home


So happy for Coco Puff - she's a gorgeous girl, so lovable and affectionate, and she deserves to have a person of her own again.


All fingers crossed that CocoPuff has found her forever home. Going to miss her though.