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how long is this going to be fun for?

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2012

you know...people ought to ask themselves that question before they act on their bright ideas.

this mornings forwarded email from dawn is a perfect example...
(paraphrased)....we hatched some chicken eggs in our house a few months go and we don't have any land. we found homes for the hens but the rooster has a broken leg and no one wants him and now he is crowing in our living room.

honestly? really? eggs could have crippled crowing roosters in them that no one might want?....gee what an unexpected surprise.


i am so tired of the "i only want to do this til it ain't fun anymore"

oh....hey...let's get a horse and keep it til i get too busy and need a break and the boarding fees could go to our mexican vacation. or my new favorite..the sweet tiny tea cup baby pot belly pig that janice and i went to rescue a few weeks ago cuz he was running loose (the owners showed up when we got there)...the very nice family had only had a him a couple of days before they lost him from the subdivision across the street...and i know those houses...every single house has 8 stairs in and out..fine for a baby you can carry in and out and up and down...but what about when he grows up to be a 150 pound pig?

there are the...let's get a puppy or a kitten, play with them until they grow up and then find out they are actual work, toss them out in the back yard for a dozen years or more and then get rid of them when no one else will want them cuz i don't have the time to spend and it's suddenly not fair to him or her????

and there are even a few flighty and fickle folks in the rescue community...oh gee i will be a hero and step up to help that animal no problem...oh ooops..didn't know about that issue...i can't do is way too much!....he/she has to be offloaded to someone else right now.

honestly if you wanna have fun and fantasy, go to a can't hurt anyone but yourself in there. but please stay out of the animal world, god did not put them here to temporarily amuse the warm and fuzzy fun seekers...they are not toys.



We always enjoy your thought provoking ideas Carol...thank you. We being Turtle Gardens supporters and owners of two TG dogs can definitely relate to a lot of what you have to say. I see that someone else has the same name as me. Comment #2 was not posted by me. Keep up the good work!


I know this comment doesn't fit at all here but I just have to say somewhere outloud. Leila and I took our aussie/border collie cross and Am staff to the states today for a canine nosework trial and at the border the US custom officer said "is that a pit bull" and Leila said yes and he said "why are you bringing a pit bull into the states"

Catherine MacKinnon

Very well said. And I look at horses in a whole different light since your "Let's talk about the reality of the horse industry and not the oh-I-love-my-horse-so-much-shit" post some time last year. Keep saying what you're saying, because there sure aren't enough people doing what you're doing.

Kelly B

I am so sick and tired of the "We'll get (insert animal here) until it's sick/old/needs behavioural help" then they get dumped. Or those of us in rescue get those emotionally blackmailing phone calls about if we dont' take them they go to the pound/for meat/or just dumped (in the case of rabbits).

There are days when I want to use every profane word in my repertoire (and I have a prolific one!) and then hit someone. I can't keep my mouth shut anymore, but it does get tiring. But then if we don't speak up, who will?

Grant Hayter-Menzies

Carol, every word you speak or write is so full of truth. It's up to human eyes and ears to learn from it. The animals already know. Thank you.


Bunny Horne

Great post Carol. I am pretty vocal these days when friends or coworkers tell me how they are considering getting a dog for their kids. REALLY! I promptly tell them if they aren't prepared to keep that animal for the rest of its days, love it, comfort it, feed it quality food and exercise it don't bother. Since none of them has actually purchased or adopted a critter I assume they didn't plan to care for that animal till the very end.

We are almost prepped for the Car Free Day tomorrow. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop raining. Street festivals are so much more fun when there's no rain.

Barbara DeMott

what about the broken leg? how did he get that? someone kick him??


So are we getting a new rooster? :)

I read the email, cursed a bit and decided to not reply.

Somedays I wonder where it all went so wrong.


God, this should be published front page, maybe SOME people would get it. Even if one person thought about it first,seriously. Yes, the casino is a better option for flippant owners.
Very well said!