Rescue Journal

it is a bit of give and take around here...

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2012

annie and elizabeth are not all that happy to have lost the nice, roomy and very private stall. but i told them their squatting in there was only is a large farm animal stall.

first it was percy's, then ellie's (and petunia's during the day) it belonged to sparkles and then ellie again. lastly it became pops' final bed and i made it perfectly clear to those sheep when they moved in there that when dixie came home, they would have to move out again.
sorry they were evicted a bit early and for a stranger at that but...not turning away an animal in need if with a little rearranging and flexibilty, we can find a sad someone a decent and appropriate bed.

those sheep are not the only ones who suffer from bed envy..also affected is my sweet giant benny.
(good lord i am poet this morning!)

benny likes jelly's bed so every night he pushes his way into the entrance and says he is fine to sleep on the floor. and then sometime between 2 and 4 am, he starts whining, barkng and crying cuz he really needs to go out. i haul my sleepy ass out of bed to open the door for him, he sticks his head and shoulders out and as soon as jelly gets up to join him, he zips in behind her and grabs her bed.

honestly both jelly and i fall for his bed trick every god damn night.

so last night i get tough and i yell from my bed...shut the hell up benny and go back to sleep. over the next 30 minutes, his cries and fussing got more and more frantic. since i wasn't getting any sleep anyway, i caved in and got up and opened the door and low and behold for once he actually really did have to go.

he still got jelly's bed cuz she went out to pee when he did and he peed and got back in faster than she did.

i wish the barn was bigger so the sheep could have a stall of their own, instead of just the alleyway.... and i wish the entrance way was bigger so benny could have a bed of his own. but mostly i just wish these animals did not look over the proverbial fence and decide someone elses sleeping arrangements are better than theirs!



Me thinks we need to add on behind the goats house for the sheep kids complete with see threw window for Carl. And while we pluck the money off the tree to do that we can also add on and open up that much needed entrance way for Benny umm and you.