Rescue Journal

a rescue's version of an extreme makeover

Carol  ·  Jun. 18, 2012

i found a new, (as is) on sale, big dog sized, couch for saints gets delivered on wednesday. that ripped up partially armless dogroom couch is outta here! YAY!!!.....i will move the somewhat intact but still a bit tattered couch from the computer room over to there (mystic may decide to eat it so she can't have the new one!)

this new couch is stable, heavy duty and well made AND it will hold benny! should withstand another few hundred rescued dogs (as long as mystic doesn't get near it!)
and it is red....saints just hasn't been saints without a red couch for our guys to lay on.

we also had a decent dog room futon mattress donated so that falling apart peice of shit got the boot today too.
the only thing is it didn't fit in the red vinyl cover of the old one and that sort of sucked but i covered it with a waterproof mattress protector so hopefully that will be ok.

the red vinyl cover had been ripped and chewed on so we cut off the edge and slipped in one of the big dog beds and duct taped it shut... manny now has a bigger and red vinyl covered bed...that should be easier to clean.

oh and i found two $9 lawn chair cushions so we were able to replaced the pissed on chair cushions in the back cat room...and we used red duct tape to tape up the clawed up back cushion on the red vinyl futon back there too!.

a bit of duct tape fix ups, some switch arounds and a new couch..all together that ought to make it look better in here again.

man...animals are hard on their living areas! be fair...considering there have literally been hundreds of animals thru here, i guess we can't really complain.

so tomorrow is once again toss all the wrecked beyond use stuff out and then find not so wrecked stuff around here... like....i know that ripped back cat room cat tree has to go and i can steal the one that zsu zsu isn't using to replace it.

my mantra this week is....out with the stinky, chewed and ripped up with not so wrecked stuff...scrub, fix, organize...dE-JUNK.... and whip this old animal house into some kind of decent shape.

sounds like fun?...really? it actually kind of sucks...i do wish i lived in a more normal, unwrecked house that doesn't require duct tape....but... at least we can enjoy a new red couch!

life is good...i guess.


Barb H

Glad to hear it Carol. I have some fleece blankets too. I will make the trek out maybe next week or weekend. Is there a time that's best for you?

Bunny Horne

I left out the best part - the pee went in my mouth. She just looked at me in terror then spring boarded off my wet face. It's a nice cat tree. I will take a photo for sure and send it off to you. My cat is a scaredy cat. Brent had to block off my windows because she can see a huge crane from a block away - she was scared to come into the living room and was hiding. The crane is going to be there for at least a year. We had to trick her - she still tries to see it, but can't. So no curtains pulled for me till June 2013.


hmmm scary is that thing? cuz i have never had a cat pee on me over a cat tree...maybe send me a pic?

hi barb..the foam cat couch sounds great!

Marla in SD

I just built a cat tree for our cat and was going to introduce him by setting him up on it one of these days (he's his own cat - when he wants your attention, he wants it NOW, but in the meantime, he'll be just as happy if you just feed him and leave him alone). Given Bunny's story, I may reconsider setting him up there - I have enough issues with my elderly dog peeing on me - not sure I need cat pee, too! Too Funny!

Barb H

Hi there,

I have a child sized foam couch that we no longer need. It is only about 18 inches tall at the back and 12 inches on the seat part. About the size 2 friendly cats or one small-med dog could curl up on. Would you be interested?


off topic, zoe you said you co uld maybe come this week. can you email me at and let me know when. i am working around my kids schedule so can come up but at certain times. thanks. and dianne, if you are powerwashing could you hit up the chairs etc in the momorial gardens when you do. that would be great. zoe, i am actually free a on wed afternoon thurs afternoon and friday but that is the day most people are coming that can. i will be there but not until the later part of the day

Bunny Horne

Carol, I have a floor to ceiling cat tree that I bought for my cat, Sassy - $100 I spent on that sucker. Brent installed it and Sassy just looked at it and then looked at me like "WTF". So I lifted her up onto it and she peed all over my face. She's never gone near it since - that was 2 years ago. I was going to pull it down for the West End Vancouver yard sale in July. I will be more than happy to give it to Saints' kitties if you want it. We can bring it on Sunday and then pull it out of the car after the Open House clean up is done. If you want it just let me know.


Loving the pop of red, statement pieces that say "we may be old/needy but we have style". Everyone loves to get new (for them, old for others) furniture, it gives them something to get excited about, I know I do. Enjoy everyone, let the lounging begin!


K I'm emailing jenn now too but I can come do Saturday open house nine til 3 or whatever but Sunday is my best friend's bridal shower. I can come in the morning to clean but can't stay to do tours, sorry! :)


well i for one, think its awesome. i think jenny was right, red furniture gives it that extra something. i live in a fairly normal, mostly unwrecked house and while i do not have any duct tape on my furniture... i color in the bald patches on my couch with permanent felt marker so no one can tell! shhhh!