Rescue Journal

utter turmoil today

Carol  ·  Jun. 19, 2012

but here is what got done....

1. the vets came and gave raven a very badly needed dental...they said...worse mouth seen in years. also by his teeth raven looks closer to thirty years old so maybe he is older then anyone thinks.
2. gideon also had a recheck..brent asked me what my goal for him was..i said it was for gideon to live happily forever.
ok then.
anyway..we are just to keep doing what we are doing and see how he does.

3. john and michael (our chicken house/fence/manure bin ramp builders) found us a portable horse pen for half of the cost so they will be picking it up and bringing it for gideon sometime this week....yay! and mike will finish the two side fences in the bottom field for us this week too.
at least when the grass is ready, the fences will be in place.
4. larry and crew from "the whole nine yards" hauled away 4 truck loads of crap out of here today. they will be back here tomorrow to haul away even more.
5. helga, shelagh and lynne tackled the memorial garden plus a WHOLE bunch other things.

6. i now know which cat is scooter and which one is rascal and they had their vet checks and testing and vaccines done and now are free to come out of the cages and roam around the communal cat room at will.

7. the new little crippled rooster has arrived, his name is charley and he is currently in a crate in the coop with crosby and loretta. i am just waiting for sun down to hit to let him out with them inside the coop...hopefully all goes smoothly for his transition to his new home..cuz if he safely can't fit in..i will need to move to plan B which means he will have to live alone (that would suck!)

8. shaw came and the house land line is fixed..after months and months we have a house phone again...geez it takes me a long time to get around to some stuff.

i think EVERYONE who was here today..staff, volunteer and workmen are all pretty tired was a brutally busy day in all corners of saints but lots of important stuff did get done.

my funny for today...when the guys came to take out the computer room couch and move it over to the big dog room guys...benny and june jumped up and sat on the couch..they definitely were saying..please don't take our couch.
the computer room dogs are couchless til tomorrow when the new one arrives.



Way to Go everybody !!! It sounds like a lot was accomplished. I have been thinking about Gideon everyday..all day...I am getting scared. Is he eating better..same .. worse ..?? We all know he won't be around forever..however honestly..losing him will perhaps be the most difficult loss yet. I remember when SAINTS was on Clay & the tricks Gideon would play on me when I tried to move the sheep over to the little field.. I sometimes forgot to close the door through the stall and when I took the sheep out the gate..Gideon would slip over through the stall & sneak after us..freaked me out a couple times.. between Gideon sneaking out the stall door & Cole sneaking off down the driveway.. I aged a few years in that year. Great memories that I will cherish always