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all night last night, charley was hopping around in my head....

Carol  ·  Jun. 20, 2012

we could build this or that and it should have this and that.... we could set him up here or there...arghhh! i need to stay focused on the open house and not get distracted by a disabled rooster who needs decent handicapped access to life.

i am on my own in the house today..renee took a needed personal family day off. it is not a huge deal cuz i did need to switch my brain to de-junking more areas in the house and i can do that while i am cleaning. i got up at 0430 so i can get an early start. i better not waste the extra time sitting here blogging and thinking. however... i absolutely refuse to start working before 0530. it is the principle of the this is supposed to be my vacation thing.

yay the new couch arrives here today..i hope it fits in the space and i hope it doesn't look stupid (it is pretty fancy..all button tufted and a couch you would find in a study or library somewhere..not a lowly shabby shelter.) oh well... the sucker was red, sturdy, big and cheap and benny will look very handsome on it!

i suppose i better get moving, the early bird gets the worm so they say.

not that i need to be worrying about providing quality of life and a decent, comfortable home to some god damn freaking homeless worm today.



i am sore too. did not realize i had muscles where i had them. was a good day tho. i need to get more in shape obviously and this is helping. lol


god probably thinks i am nutz!

hey... how sore are you today from your hours of slaving away for the animals here today?

i am pretty freaking sore and i wasn't anywhere near a weed whacker!


hey we are playing nice, we just want our opinions expressed too. i totally agree with allie this blog is for the people who love the animals and care about them, and who do not care if you said god in the wrong context. what is the wrong context anyway. did i say i was going to say i would shut up. sorry that someone cares more about what you say on the blog than what you do for the animals god would be very proud of you as we all are.

Allie (not volunteer Allie)

and oops I meant serious as in I hope Pat Butler stops and thinks about this, not as in the other comments were not serious - sorry! :-)

Allie (not volunteer Allie)

Another reader *not* turned off by the use of "god damn" (or anything else I've read over the years ;-)).

A serious reply for Pat Butler:

This blog is where realistic depictions of the day to day joys and sorrows of SAINTS Rescue are provided to those who want to peek behind the curtain. This is not a marketing page, and if you read much further, you will see language get much more raw, particularly during high-stress or life and death situations. The language is not sanitized, nor are the descriptions.

If you (or anyone else "turned off" by specific phrases) cannot understand the context of seriously frustrating scenarios and even tragedies that lead to the swearing or flippant remarks, I suggest you try focussing on the big picture, instead of looking at or for minutiae. I hope it will help you understand what is going on.


well said erin could not agree with you more. l just would have used different works. lol


if only people being turned off by the language on this blog would just quit reading the damn blog... no need to pass judgement without being in a position to do so.


I agree Carol,
I both attend church and read your blog daily. I wasn't offended in the least by your comment. In fact I laughed out loud!
Pat---just cause you don't misuse gods name, etc, doesn't mean you have done right by him. Have you ever heard the saying "Actions speak louder than words" ????


you are most likely right pat but i am who i am and god probably cares more about what i do then what i say.

Pat Butler

not that i need to be worrying about providing quality of life and a decent, comfortable home to some god damn freaking homeless worm today.<-- not cool You might wonder how many others are turned off by your use of Gods name like this