Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2012

teddy's neuter went well..he is home and none the worse for wear.
grace had some xrays today and the vet was able to see the spine and skulls of onesie and twosie so gracie is officially pregnant and should deliver sometime within the next month.

the new little goat is here..we named him "Doc"...he so totally pisses me off. this goat is emaciated from lifelong starvation, you can tell he is stunted and has not grown to the size that he should...where ever the poor little bugger came from, his humans were unfeeling bastards. we had him with us when we stopped to pick up ted from the vet so ken came out and had a look at doc and said no neutering til he regains some muscle and body fat...maybe in a couple of months he will be well enough to do the surgery...for now his job is just to eat.

the sheep were sheared and they had their usual, yearly "oh i do not know you' head banging ceremony when they were done. carl gets done tomorrow and then everyone is good again for another year.

gideon's appetite looks like it might be picking up a bit..tonight janice said he was somewhat interestedly sampling all of his various supper buffet options...yay gideon!...super horse!

so tonight i will get my room done..tomorrow the shop and the medical room counters and then except for a few picky, tidy up things, i think we will be all set to go.

today was janice's birthday...we had cake...mmmm.....happy birthday janice!!!

today is 3/4's over..thank god!



they don't and every year every sheep that we have goes head banging the others for an hour or so til they forget that they thought they didn't know each other.

now i am not saying sheep are stupid cuz they aren't stupid at all. they are just very literal creatures that can't really think outside of the box..they see what they see and what is, is what it is and they don't worry too much of what might actually be behind or underlying it all.

i love them, they are simply that innocent.

Ian and Mary

"Shirley you can't be serious" that the sheep don't recognize each other after shearing???


not sure yet shelley...he is still a bit far likes his goat tex..haven't tried him on anything else yet.


That made me laugh about the sheep not knowing each other after they're sheared and head butting. Too cute.