Rescue Journal

deep breath...don't freak...

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2012

i am talking to myself here.

sigh...the list for today is...

herd an upset little pig into a crate and haul him to the vet in abbotsford for neutering.
hit costco and buy food for the open house.
zip out to chilliwack and pick up the skinny, old (unneutered and therefore very stinky) goat. get him back to saints and set him up in the pen and FEED him (poor little hungry bugger.)

zip back out to abbotsford and pick up the most likely still very upset teddy pig.

get back here before the sheep shearer arrives. reassure the wooly girls while they are being sheared.

deep clean and de-junk my bedroom and put my freaking clean laundry away. for those that don't bedroom is part of the open house cuz i sleep in a freaking shelter and that is where our bed buddies hang out. there are no closed or forbidden doors at saints...someday i wll write about why this is so.

believe it or not it is the bedoom which is freaking me out more than the rest cuz if i don't get that done, it will totally screw up my shop cleaning on friday. once that shop is clean, we are more or less ready for the open house and i can quit worrying about not being ready.

i must say it is clean in here so far this morning...yesterday i did a mighty fine job on the house!

ok..gotta get the diabetics done before we load up teddy for the first part of today's to do list....let today begin.
oh and jenn posted a bunch of new photos on the facebook june this one of annie!




Hi Joyce - I just downloaded the pdf poster from one of the former blogs and saved it to my own files. Then attached it to e-mail. It worked fine.


I am trying to download the pdf poster about the Open House so I can email it as a reminder to family and friends, but I am having problems doing so. If I click on the information it tells me that the website is not available. I am open to suggestions. Thanks!

Barbara Ferris

I don't think you need to pick up coomies from Costco.
I made about 30 dozen cookies for the open house
10 dozen chocolate chocolate chip
10 dozen orange white chocolate chip
10 dozen flur-du-sel chocolate chip

Barbara Ferris

Jenny is picking them up tomorrow before she comes out to SAINTS


Carol - I will be up on Friday (probably around lunch-time or shortly after) to help out, and am bringing a second set of helpful hands with me (a friend). We can do anything that needs doing - we can help with the shop if you want?

Bunny Horne

The tent/canopy will be loaded for Sunday. I will bring out any of the signs we had for the car free day in case anyone wants to use them for Sunday of the open house. There might be some Maggie wants for 1000Saints. Sorry we couldn't get there for Saturday.


brenda is bringing out the pop and we have water. see you later shelagh.

shelagh f

ok. Do you need drinks too, I see lots of water
in the shop. If not done already can do touch
up painting today


yay and thx!!!!..just pickup a ton of sweet carb stuff like two bite brownies, mini donuts, bakery cookies, whatever...etc. we usually have pretty close to 300 people thru on the open house weekend so we need good munchies for happy (and maybe hungy!) visiting tour folks. no one goes hungry at saints (plus the dogs like to suck folks into sharing..for them it is the best part of the open house day!)!

do you guys remember jewel when a couple of years ago...she sat in front of the food table and just stared at all of the goodies..she got lots of treats that dog...miss her.

shelagh f

carol, I am coming out today and could go to Costco
on my way if you give me a list. Or maybe you just
need to look at things yourself, but I am happy to
do it for you. Hope you read this in time or I might
phone you
shelagh f