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sorry for the confusion..yes to all of the volunteers bringing food or whatever for the open house

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2012

we have SOME stuff from costco...we always need a ton of food at the open house and i always supplement extras on top of what the volunteers bring with a trip to costco. this year is the same as always.



hi linda...sat/sun this weekend 11 am -3pm. looking forward to meeting you!

lynne is bring me the paper so can see the article..thx lynne..and thx maggie for doing the interview/tour!!


oh by the way what was the confusion everybody just bring lots of food lol i am bringing a fruit platter for sat. can someone bring one for sun.


i saw that thanks maggie it was a great article. also daphne is in the what is happenig in mission article. yes please people, bring what food you want, we always need more. we have the basics but need more creative ideas like meats cheeses etc

linda muir

When is the open house please? I'm so happy to find you guys as i'm a huge supporter of senior animals.


The Mission City Record published a great story about Saints in today's paper