The calm before the storm

Jenn  ·  Jun. 23, 2012

The first day of the open house went great. It was steady with visitors, we got about 150 visitors today. We were also lucky that the weather cooperated for the event. The sun even popped out for a few hours. But right after the last tour group had left just after 4:00 p.m. and we had gotten the food and tents put away it started to storm. Thunder, winds, and heavy rain - nothing Carol has ever seen before - it was bad. The dogs were going nuts while Carol was hurrying to get the barn guys in. A tree fell over in Brad's pen (Brent you may need to help us try to cut this up with a chainsaw and remove it tomorrow morning). All of the umbrellas broke. Sam went nuts and broke out of his pen and destroyed the door in the shop. There is a huge mess to clean up tomorrow. But at least everyone is safe if not unhappy - Carol has no power or water and cannot even relax after her long day to pop a movie in. I told her to go to bed lol and wake up well rested tomorrow. So she can't post tonight because she has no power. Hopefully the power is back on soon. I think a lot trees came down. Apparently while Mo was driving home from SAINTS a tree came down in front of her vehicle on Ferndale!

Thank you to all of the volunteers and visitors today. We received close to $1500 in donations today. The day was a hudge success and it was great to meet so many animal lovers. Here a few shots today of our visitors ...

Carol and her son Eric and his family (wife Angela and daughter Annabelle)

Maggie meeting the new horse, Raven

Visitor receiving his first cow lick, courtesy of Percy

Prince Percy receiving praise


Volunteer Erin, guiding one of about 20 tours today


Jelly enoying lots of attention



Jen I,ll take care of the tree first thing this morning - see you later.


I just got our power on here and pretty well went threw the same rush as i had the pigs and horses out. Some ran for cover udner bushes in fear and we had to roust them out and back it there houses. Nothing scarier to hear the crackign of tree's with all these animals. And no power no sump pump so i hand pailed water out of my basement for an hour. Anyhow my system up and came here to see how it went and was really happy the weather held out for you all. Hoping tommorrow is even better for you there!!!


omg, that's terrible! On my way home to Hope, I was trying to outrun the storm. There was a tree covering one lane on the highway near Old Yale Road exit, and debris waas flying everywhere. Once home, the storm hit here too. I was hoping that SAINTS was missed by the wind and torrential rain. I hope the power is on again. I'll be there early again tomorrow and will help in whatever way I can Carol. It was a great Open House day, too bad it had to end on this note. Be safe and get some well earned sleep!


Great shots, Jenn. Sorry about the storm mess... hopefully it will clear up by tomorrow. If not, get all the visitors to pitch in and help!