day two of the open house was just as great as day one.

Carol  ·  Jun. 24, 2012

we had the paws2dance club here providing a demo of dog dancing for their upcoming "shadows of eternity' show..sat nov 3 and sunday nov 4 at the Bell Performing Arts Center in Surrey. proceeds from their show will be going to SAINTS this year...super nice people and some pretty damn adorable (and talented) dogs...i thoroughly enjoyed watching the dogs and their folks!


all totalled, we had over 300 visitors thru the two day open house this year who so kindly and generously donated more than $4000 to help support us plus they brought with them many items from our wish list. so many people are truly interested and invested in what we do here and they were so kind and supportive today.

some pictures of today`s visitors

i know i don't run around here all gaggingly warm and fuzzy, gushing every day, personal thank you's and pats on the back to our wonderful volunteers. but...i do know every single minute of every single day how truly wonderful our volunteers are and how so very lucky we are to have them. this weekends success is a tribute to the greatness of caring and the dedication to the animals that our volunteers put into action.....we are who we are and we have achieved what we have achieved and we have helped who we have helped....because of them.

thank you!

new incoming today...saints welcomes riley, a senior emaciated, very weak and disabled collie. we will see if with a good med combo, vet care, diet and some extra nursing care support, if we can get her back up on her feet and some meat on her bones. not sure if she is just too old or if maybe with a few tweaks in her geriatric care...if she can possibly get moving and have some fun again. we will see how she does.
riley is a very sweet dog.



apparently a fuse blew with the power outage last night but happily because he could fix it we are now back on line. YAY!!! i can watch the horses at night again!!!

oh and today we all got to see previous saints...cabot, hootie, sidney and odin...all of them stopped by for a visit and all of them look absolutely great...another big YAY!!!!!


Sidney and Hootie


i think the volunteers should post some of their most happy, funny or touching open house they people or animal..i sure would be interested in knowing some more details and stories about these past two very busy and very full days!!!!

Here are pictures of some of the newbies

Doc the goat

Daniel the rabbit

The new cripped rooster - Charley

Scooter the cat

Rascal the cat


Raven the horse



One of the comments I got on my tours was also how well organized it was. Most people could not believe how big the place is and how many animals. And, there were several people who went through the tour twice just so they could go see all the animals again.

I missed Odin, but Hootie and Sydney looked great and were sure attached to their mom.


Kelly fuller, on Saints homepage , go to Helping Saints and then you will see the wish list .


Odin looks amazing! You can tell the calm and love he feels in his expression and his coat looks great. I would not have recognized him. :)


I missed Odin?...Nooooooooooooo. He looks amazing and very happy in the photo. Big hugs to his new family, thank you for taking such great care of him. In his short time at Saints he sure managed to climb into alot of our hearts.

My favorite part was introducing our new horse Raven, he climbed into alot of peoples hearts this weekend as well. Then again watching my sister shreik like a 2 year old when she got licked by Percy was kind awesome too!


Oh, I do have one regret about the Open House - that none of the visitors were able to meet Squirt (as he was hiding all day in the house). I hope he survived the chaos ok. He is such a sweetheart, but just can't handle strangers in his safe place. I gave him a big hug before the tours started.
Bunny, I had a few people ask about Mystic too, and I did suggest that they ask their tour guide to "yell" for her and maybe she'd appear - so glad this happened for your group.


My friend Maria had a great time at the Open House... she was amazed over and over how clean and organized it was. There really is so much loving care that goes into the facility itself, and it shows.


Ha Ha brenda.. that is too day remind me to tell you the story of Lynne doing a faceplant in the swampy area of the lower field. ;-)

What a great week-end it turned out to be..the weather held long enough on Sat & Sunday was perfect..not to hot & not raining. Being the keeper of our " special dogs " in the lower field I miss out on a lot of the coming & goings , but what I can say is that we have great tour guides & the most wonderful animals on earth.

It is interesting to just " be " with the dogs too..normally when I am busy mucking stalls etc etc they are there & I am always aware of who is there & what they are doing.. but just simply hangin out with them..I learned a lot more about Ed & Puffy and holy cow Buddy hung out with us all day Sat.. that was treat ..he is such a cool dog.

Raven or Ray, or Jack or black jack or ??? what was his full name again Carol.. is simply wonderful and the fact that he & Gideon have developed a friendship..makes me all warm & fuzzy..and I am not a warm & fuzzy person.. SAINTS brings out the best in everyone who opens their heart to it.

Kelly Fuller

Hi there. You all do such an amazing service for these precious animalls! How do I find your wish list?

Doreen from Maple Ridge

Saturday was my first time ever to Saints and I have to say it is such a beautiful place. I loved every minute and will have to come back for another tour one day as I just could not absorb all there is to see in one tour.
All the animals are so happy you can just see them smiling! They all have so much life in them for being seniors. I have a soft spot for small dogs and was amazed at the little black totally blind dog who just loved to be patted. Also seeing Jazzy so happy squeaking his toy. Meeting Daphne.
Seeing the animals on the website is great because of all of the beautiful pictures, but seeing them in person is an experience. Seeing Ravon come up to say hello and seeing the glow in his eyes.
The memorial garden is unforgetable with the memory stones.
I absolutely love Saints.
Carol, and everyone else at Saints, you guys rock!!

Marla in SD

My heart is full with all of the pictures of love and care Raven received during your open house. Don't know how or why, but he's got my heart already. It's obvious that he's loving the positive attention. And OMG is Doc adorable! Congratulations on another successful open house!


It was great to see Sidney and Hootie - they just sparkled. I remembered that it was a year almost to the day that their new mom adopted them. Clearly their mom loves them to bits - they are two very lucky dogs.


my very first tour saturday morn i had to go get the area monitor (sorry, i dont know your name, pretty girl with glasses :))to come with me into the barnyard, i was nervous around the cows. by the 2nd tour i had forgotten i needed someone and by the 3rd i felt at home with them. all of our guys are just so patient and friendly and happy, its a pleasure to show them off.

cheryl and stef

Love Riley, Have known her for years. She is the sweetest dog ever. Her mom is going to miss her terribly. Saints will be a wonderful place for her to live out her days.


I am thrilled it was so successful. People love to hear the history of our Saints. One of my tours were in awe of Percy, always a crowd favorite, especially when he's gnawing on my arm. Mystic was playing with Mo and we were talking about the differednt dogs in her care in the lower pasture. They had heard bout Mystic and wished they could meet her. One call of her name and she bolted up the hill much to the tours delight. They loved her and she did not disappoint. OMG Doc is the cutest goat ever. He's adorable and totally people friendly. Brad showed his skills as an arborist today assisting Brent in removal of the downed tree on his house. And Mystic helped him drag away all the big branches even the 14 footer. The house, medicical rooms etc were spotless and super impressive to the folks on my tours.


For me, it was meeting so many great people who really care for the animals, and were so impressed with the work SAINTS does. And seeing the faces of the little kids when they first saw the bunnies, and were able to touch some of them (very gently, of course). They pretty much all commented that their fur was "so soft". Bob was a celebrity because he's SO big. Then our diva, Princess Leia, had to spoil everything and take a nip at the finger of one sweet little girl who poked her finger through the wire before we could stop her. Thankfully it was only a gentle warning nip (yes, it WAS Carol!) and no blood was spilled. But the poor little girl was pretty upset. Way to go, Leia - I'm hoping she won't be terrified of bunnies for the rest of her life, now!!!

My grand-daughter was there today, and the highlight for her was one of the cows trying to eat her sunhat...


ya brenda, i should have had a camera, it was pretty funny. what a shitty experience for i think the best part of the open house was seeing all of the volunteers working together to make it all happen. it went like clockwork. i loved seeing oden, and as brenda said, he looked great. if i had walked past him on a street i would not have known it was him. what a lucky dog. cabot, or beau as he is now known was also looking great. i was not there to see hootie and sidney, but do remember their mom and how much she loved them and i can only imagine how happy they are. was an absolutely fantastic open house. yeh to everyone well done.


Well, I know one of Lynne's special moments from today will be ME falling into a pile of shit - literally! She laughed her ass off! Good thing that feces doesn't phase me at all, but I did have a bath when I got home.
I thoroughly enjoyed the past 2 days - especially NOT having to do tours (thanks Erin and Carol), allowing me to hang out in the main part of the house, watching over the dogs, and talking to some really nice people who came thru with specific questions about some of our SAINTS - and I got to continue cleaning up some areas I don't always have time to do. Bonus for me!
Seeing Hootie and Sydney, and Cabot and Oden was amazing. Oden's coat is so beautiful now, hard to believe it's the same dog who arrived in such bad shape. Anyway, I consider it a priviledge to be part of such a special place; it was a great weekend, and thanks to all of the other house volunteers who put up with my OCD's regarding cleaning and organizing.