Rescue Journal

thx to everyone for yesterday...

Carol  ·  Jun. 24, 2012

i know you all were exhausted by the end of the day...sorry...but.... big thanks to saints super troops for a well run and all went smoothly, super great day!!!

i swear barn bedtime was like some kind of end of the world, weather goes nutz, disaster movie...but with sheila's help it all got safely done.

my red picnic table umbrella got broken..i think that upsets me the most (but then maybe not...i haven't been down to the lower pasture yet to see if any trees came down and took out our brand new fence.)

brad's tree landed on his house...A. thank goodness he was safely inside and B.thank goodness it is just the top of the tree on his roof so no real damage was done.

we lost the camera feeds during the power out...the ones on the house came back on line with the returning power but not the barn ones. i can't believe how dependent i am on them now...they are my night time eyes....and suddenly as far as the barn is concerned...i feel totally blind.

well...round two of the open house...and i already i need to take advil cuz my back and my knees are still stiff and sore from yesterday....good thing i won't have to do much bending today!



oh michelle...sorry but don't worry. i was so bagged by the end of today, i just wanted to get everyone done before i crashed and burned. 5 is the normal time, i was just in a hurry tonight.


Hi Carol, I'm sorry I didn't come to help tonight, I thought it was at 5, but noticed you were half done at 4:30. Sorry... What's a good time for next week and I will make sure I'm there....cheers

Deb L

I was so glad we were in the area yesterday and able to make it to the open house!! It is nice to see all the animals in person and have faces to go with the volunteers' names. Don't worry about people thinking you're crazy--most of our friends/family think we're crazy for having 2 (at one point 3) dogs and expecting visitors to accept the fact that this is just as much their home as cuts down a lot on random "drop ins".
Thank you again for your hospitality!!


My allergies are out of control today I can't breathe so plugged up n just had to turn around cause I can barely see I'm sneezing every 2.5 seconds n eyes watering so bad. I was only coming for a bit today n there were almost too many ppl in house yesterday so I hope I'm not missed today but think should be fine


So glad it went well and sad that I have to miss it. We also got the storm at the softball tournament in Langley, very nasty winds and rain. Our last game got called off which was supposed to start at 6:30 so by the time we got home to Mission the power was back on. Lots of trees on the road.