Rescue Journal

guess where i spent the day?????

Carol  ·  Jun. 25, 2012

in the god damn freaking shop!

no lie, it took me all day to sort thru the donated items from the weekend and put everything left over from the open house away. i was tired and moving pretty slow and i did stop to do a vet run (flora is not doing too well..she is in the vets on IV's and awaiting bloodwork results so we can see what is happening cuz nothing obvious (teeth, URI, etc)... is showing. i also had to help krista give riley a bath and i did take a break to settle in a new mistake.

ok this one is not my fault.
on saturday a nice lady asked if we could take in the guinea pig of an elderly man who did not want it anymore..what the hell..i said yes cuz how much trouble can a little guinea pig be? so today when a lady drove in and said she was here to drop off her guinea pig..i initially and quite naturally assumed it was the same little pig. well it wasn't..this is a different guinea pig...are you kidding me? we haven't had any guinea pigs dropped here for more than 3 years and suddenly there are two with no where to go in 24 hours?

anyway...saints welcomes guinea pig squirt...and i am kinda of hoping the elderly man's guinea pig that i was expecting... doesn't show up anytime not for a year or two.

odie is such an asshole...he jumped riley this morning when she was having something to eat. that was the last straw..somedays i so want to nuke that pain in the ass dog! but...nuking simple assholes is unfortunately against my beliefs. anyway something had to be emptied out the kitchen...just odie and squirt live in there now. i don't think odie will bug squirt because not only is squirt too fast for him but squirt is pretty damn good at staying out of dangers way.

so we have created a frail and crippled dog room over in the mp room with lucky...manny, tess, georgia, and riley have all moved over to the new frail area (we tried to move esther too but she is a big baby and insisted on coming back to the house.) all of the little kitchen dogs have moved into the computer room.

oh seems to be working, everyone seems setted and content...and they are safe! i just spent an hour over there with the frail guys watching part of a movie and feeding them cheezies so they don't feel abandoned over there. freaking blind, assholey husky appparently rules the entire saints world and everyone has to move to accomondate him.

it would have been a lot less work just to nuke him.


Carol this is your fault penny! have opened the door to the the stars aligning into homeless guinea pig week!
she is in her original cage that she came in (it is a decent sized cage) on the shelf in the bunny room and she is pretty damn cute!


Carol, where did you put the guinea pig? That's pretty funny, because I was chatting with a lady in the rabbit room on Saturday about a guinea pig her kids used to have, and I made the comment that a guinea pig is probably one of the few animals we don't have at Saints right now!!!


I'm going to need some major instructing on Thursday. Don't want to mess up our frail and crippled guys.


I can't stop looking at Rileys photo. If I didn't have five cats.....................


I am glad you are making use of the cheezies I left after the Open House, Carol. :)

another Doreen

The guinea pig story gave me deja vue about one little, two little, three little incontinent daxies not so long ago...