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Carol  ·  Jun. 27, 2012

i finally got out to see dixie today..i need to go back out on friday to leave the next 6 months of boarding cheques that i forgot today plus i want to give her a good brushing. i apologised for giving her barn stall to raven but told her he really needed a good place to go.

the new frail area is working out well..the dogs are relaxed and content and everyone really likes the bedtime routine which includes individually served yummy dinners. tonight they are watching "pride and prejudice"..i stayed and watched some of it with them but i did need to get back to the house.

i really like that new guinea pig...she is so cute and social. i felt really badly tonight tho...i thought her water bottle was just cloudy and old. tonight i decided to fill it up cuz i didn't think she had enough for the night and it is a perfectly clean and fine water bottle once i washed out the slimey film inside. i am wincing with shame..oh so very, very sorry squirtie, i should have immediately cleaned that bottle when you first arrived!

i left flora in at the vets for one extra the time i got my errands done at knees were just too sore to go out again. i took a couple of hours and kept off my feet and had a nap up in the suite. i hope the meds kick in soon cuz i have to go back to work in a few days.

i will pick up flora first thing in the morning when i drop riley off at the clinic for her vet check.

hot bath, soak my sore knees...tomorrow i am hoping to get my hair cut cuz it is starting to look like crazy cat lady hair is about time for my annual grooming.


Bunny Horne

Just a reminder that the west end Vancouver yard sale is coming soon - Saturday, July 14th. If you have any personal effects that you want to declutter from your home and clutter up someone in the west ends home we will take them. Brent and I are on site Sunday, July 1st and Monday, July 2nd - 9 am till noon. If you drop them off in advance make sure they are in the shop and clearly marked BUNNY AND BRENT. Please ensure the items are smaller in nature as there is no car access that day to Lord Roberts School, we have to walk everything over to the site. 100% of the proceeds go to SAINTS Rescue.

shelagh f

are you ok with the grooming or do you need sedation
and a ride home later? Hope your knees improve with
nsaids and some rest. Could you let Krista know,
I forgot the two hanging baskets in the back yard
and she wanted two, so she might as well take those
baskets, if she still wants them. Thanks
Do you think you want apples next week, or not?