Rescue Journal

flicka did ok

Carol  ·  Jun. 30, 2012

i checked her every couple of hours on camera and all was well. colic watches are so much easier and less stressful now!

looks like we are living in a rainforest again today...maybe we won't run out of water this year????

i will tell you what i like best about this last couple of days of holidays..i wake up at 5 or 530..check the cameras and then go back to bed for a couple of hours more...that is in itself a major treat and quite relaxing for me!

i think i am ready to go back to work..i got pretty much everything done on my list of to do things, this time around. that is the beauty of the annual open literally forces me to get things done. that we are broke again, i am back to worrying about money. the open house just stuck some fingers in the dam of bills that we absolutely had to get paid (like the year end financials to keep our charity status)....we still need to get some money down on our vet accounts..make it thru with wages and feed and supplies til the gala in sept...AND come up with about 4 grand to build teddy and gracie and soon to be family, their new mini pig house and yard. the gst rebate should be here in a few weeks and that will cover the pigs home but where the rest of the money is coming from is a mystery at this point.

someone asked me last week if we got a ton of donations from the recent news coverge we not really..maybe a very small handful of 25 or 50 dollar donations (you would have to ask ann the actual amount...and they were much appreciated too!) but not the thousands of dollars that this person thought we had. that whole thing was about needing the cameras and it was the cameras that we very gratefully got.

oh well hopefully something good happens sometime fairly soon...until then i will continue to worry, not like this is anything new. i know sometimes folks look at us and think we have it made in the shade..i wish.
there is nothing easy about trying to run a shelter that eats up $14,000 per month. i had a good chuckle at the open house... a relatively new to me rescue person, told me that while she was on the tour, she was adding various cost things up in her head. a shelter like this is her one day dream and she said...."i think i figured it probably costs about $1500.00 a month to run this?"

ahhhh, such starry eyed innocence! was i once as untarnished and innocent as that????

i think that maybe i was...
watch out for rescue dreams cuz they can and will swallow you whole....(and it will leave you on a bad or good day with either a crazy cat lady or a george washington hairdo.)



July 1st

can't come in today got to visit friend in hospital who had heart attack, Will see all on Monday


I'm not there tomorrow volunteering but I'm going to bring a couple family members by that are in from out of town and want to visit SAINTS. We won't join the tour, I'll give them a tour myself. Not quite sure what time we'll come by, probably between 10 and 11 sometime if that works :)


i totally forgot about the slap on the hand by paypal over the hawaii raffle! and learn (and try to remember the lessons learned while living...duh...brain like a seive!)


The pool idea is a raffle (gambling) and requires a application handed in to the bc government. Also the money cannot go through paypal. When we raffled off the Hawaii trip SAINTS paypal account was suspended because raffles, pools, etc cannot be paid through paypal - it is one of their conditions. I had to phone and speak to a government official in the gaming office to correct everything and have the suspension removed from paypal. SAINTS is far to large and public to do this without doing it through absolute proper government channels - especially if the pool is done on facebook. I know I am the no fun police.


the plan is to keep them together as a small family herd and if they can be adopted together into a great mini pig friendly home..good. if not..they stay together here. i am so not into ripping babes away from their moms any more, especially with herd animals where nature intended the herd to be their herd for their entire lives.

but doing this is a luxury for us here cuz we know there are only two babes..not sure what my decision would have been if there were 10 or 12 babes in there.

i am immensely thankful there are only two.

and sadly if they do not find a great home together..these will probably be the last pigs we will be able to help cuz our pig quota will be totally full.


Penny to gain more donations there has to be a win for those who are not closley connected to us or it won't generate the funds we need. I can show you how its done on facebook but we need someone to create and monitor the calander. The way i can set it up all the money will go direct to SAINTS paypal account. I have the extra time this long week-end to help. And hopefully who ever winds donates it right back ;o)


But not a 50/50 - all money to go to the piglets new home. We could just do it for fun at $10 a go.


Just curious to know what will happen to the new family after they arrive. Will they become permanent residents at Saints?


I think someone should do a fundraiser by setting up a fun pool for the date of when the pigs kids will be born. It can be like a 50/50 , get a permit for Carol and get it on facebook. Ten bucks a play!!