Rescue Journal

shelley's not so excellent adventure

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2012

shelley tried to sleep over here on saturday night...she chose the couch in the mp room over the hideaway suite ( cuz i bet she thinks being all alone in the suite over the shop is kind of creepy)...anyway..when i got up at 6 am i saw shelley was already gone...hhhmmm, i wonder what happened? i know cuz she sent me an email. sleepovers at saints are a little bit unusual...i probably should have moved charley out of that room, cuz i do know he likes to crow at pretty weird times. nothing like sleeping in the same room as a rooster, in retrospect... i guess that is a bit odd. i so suck at entertaining...martha stewart would have known to remove the crowing crippled bird and his playpen before her guest arrived....ooops.

here is shelleys version of her saints sleep over...and welcome to my world!

The couch almost ate me, the dogs snored and peed, someone had a bad dream, and then the Rooster started shrieking and made me think I was in a Stephen King novel. His call is extremely powerful until the end when it trails off into what sounds like a strangled cry for help. I tried to put the lights on, and... nothing. No lights. I thought, what kind of madhouse am I in? I gathered my things and tore down the driveway spewing gravel everywhere. I watched the place disappear in my rear-view mirror and thought, "I made it. I made it out alive." I felt bad leaving the doors unlocked, but I thought, whoever tries to break in there will take one look, think they've landed in the Funny Farm, turn around and high tail it.

I have to say, though, that those dogs sleep like logs.

Shelley xoxo

too funny...anyone else wanna try a sleep over???? we could have a prize for the first person to actually make it thru the whole entire night!



Sooo funny, that I read it over a few times. I would do a sleep over, but would do it in the shy guy room.


Better yet, people could pay for a chance to prove they can do it - sort of 'Extreme Sleeping'.


That is soooooooo funny. Makes me think of another Stephan King movie, starring a different Shelley (Shelley Duvall) at a certain Timberline Lodge, we just need Charley to repeat "redrum, redrum" instead of crowing. The more I think about it the more I think that's not a George Washington haircut but a younger Jack Nicholson haircut.

Shelley your sleepover adventure is definatley a story for the "gala", too funny.

Garry Gabrielle

Killing myself laughing right now. These are the moments that make rescue so much worth it!


i also want to say that sorry i could not take any laundry yesterday as i was in van but will take some home today when i come up if there is too much. see you later erin.


oh my god that was too hilarious. love your story shelley. you have quite a flair for words. you should have slept in the suite and dragged sam and lea up to keep you company. it did sort of sound like a stephen king story. wanna try another night? lol