Rescue Journal

i got most of it done...

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2012

just one single dog bed pillow left at 1230 when i quit for the i am awesome!

one day i should get someone to show me how to hook up our generator during power outages..we have the freaking thing, i just keep forgetting we have it cuz i haven't a clue how to actually use it!

back to work today...5 afternoon shifts in a row..that pretty much will totally suck as far as being here for the animals in the evenings goes.

i was watching tv and folding laundry with the bed buddies last night when around 1030, i heard these god awful screams coming from the computer room. holy shit..phoebe must be awake and out of her bed and terrorizing poor sargent pepper!...or...jazzy got into one of her super haggy moods and bit the poor blind little bugger.

i run for the computer room yelling "hey you little bastards, one of you is freaking dead meat!!!"

phoebe and jazzy met me at the computer room door, happy to see me and while pepper is no where in sight, i can still hear him screaming.i flick on the light..."where the hell is he? what have you guys done with that sweet little dog..OMG WHERE IS HE????"

he was stuck behind the couch and unable to find his way out.

poor baby, that was pretty scary.

so i grabbed (and soothed) the stupid, blind little beast and tossed him up in the laundry area where he couldn't get stuck and went back to folding the laundry.

i didn't bother apologising to phoebe and jazzy for the false accusations...those dogs are bad dogs enough of the time that of course i would think they might be at the bottom of trouble again.

pepper was glad to be rescued from the giant, scary red couch. he hopped into bed in the laundry room and went right to sleep....this morning i awoke to his screaming again..this time, i knew he was safe...he just wanted back out.



Carol Brent got Brad's new gate door installed. There is a wooden board at the bottom to help secure it as Brad will probably attempt to shake the hell out of it. Please remind the staff that this is not a wheelbarrow accessible gate. If you need anything tweaked let Brent know - we will be there next Sunday. Much thanx to apprentices Chewy and Percy. Hopefully Brad will be happy with his new access to the upper pasture.


penny and ashley.....ican do danny's nails...just remind me this week.

and thx for the ear fix ups ashley..i will add it to their med cards tomorrow.


No problem Ashley. I came looking for you as well, but you were very busy, and I had to leave. We can catch up with each other next Sunday.


Carol, Sg Pepper's ears are both bad. I cleaned him up as best as he would let me and loaded his ears up with otomax. I did the same for Lucky and Smokey. Can you continue ears meds this week and I'll check them all again on Sunday? Thanks! Penny, I came to find you today but I guess I took too long since you had left, I'll help you this coming Sunday!