Rescue Journal

the mongolian monster is home...

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2012

for good this time. he will not be returning to foster care..meeting his care needs is too difficult now. he has 2 corneal ulcers, a raging ear infection, his skin is a mess again and he is seizuring more frequently. he is biting his foster parents constantly when they try to apply his eye and ear meds and both of them, surrounding the treatments he needs, are afraid of him now...(can't blame them.)

quite honestly, they lasted much longer than i would have thought but it has reached the point where they cannot provide the care that he needs because he is such a freaking dickhead.
anyway, he came home on my dinner break, and when i got home for the night..i tossed the little bugger in the sink and scrubbed all of his scabby, scaly, gross parts. it is going to take several baths to get rid of it all and clean him up....but tonight we made a good start.

chance will bite me if i start dicking around wth his eyes and his ears...but he is pretty tolerant of me scrubbing away at his skin and pulling the resulting matts and knots out.

tomorrow i will try to find a muzzle that will fit his flat little face but for tonight, we will be happy that he is relatively de-crusted and clean and worry about the eyes and ears when i am better prepared to actually win.

i have no idea why i love this messed up biting bastard..but i do, he is such an adorably vicious, little, crippled brat.

welcome home chance!



Carol Ann

aww this reminds me of Eli I got bit so much until the end when he would just groan and look up at me when I was cleaning his eyes. I miss him so much. Charley is now my problem babe she can't get up any more either. Thankfully she only weighs 40 lbs. They deserved so much better in life so we do all we can now for them.


You can use gauze to make a muzzle if you don't have a proper one. It holds the mouth completely shut but since it's just for a short time, it should be okay. Good luck.


I love that you always take a Saint back, no judging, no angry words. They tried their best and asked for help when they felt they couldn't care for Chance anymore. Good for them for knowing their limitations, good for you for always standing behind your adoptions, and most of all good for Chance because he landed safely at Saints!


Welcome back Chance. Off topic, Carol I left the minutes on the offfice desk.