Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 5, 2012

Laura went home sick this morning so we have no one in the MP buidling. lynn never heard back from your daughter so itis unknown if your on your way. Please call Carol so she can call Janice and let her know help is on theway. Thnaks Janice.



I can come up after lunch and do the bunnies if you need me too. Can make some changes to my plans this afternoon, but need to know ASAP if you need me there.

colleen b

Hey Carol,

I'm wondering if you have any use for some meds. Both my old dog and my uncle's old dog have recently passed away. We have a 6 month supply of Trilostane (she was Cushings, about 15 lbs) both 15 mg and 20 mg capsules. And we also have some Fortekor from my old guy who had congestive heart failure. I know sometimes bits and pieces of old meds aren't helpful, but if you can use either of these, please let us know and we can mail it off right away.