Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2012

two nights in a row now..i have woken up absolutely desperate to rub out my eyes. they are so ITCHY!!!!!!! it is driving me freaking insane. i take a couple of antihistamines and pour a ton of polysporin eye drops in and it settles down in an hour or so. hmmmm..maybe it is an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that i am taking for my hand...that is the only thing lately that is different that i can think of. oh..or maybe it is the tylenol nighttime i just started has a muscle relaxant in it.

i don't know but it is HORRIBLE!

i was just drifting off to la la sleepy land when i felt a tiny tug, tug, OUCH!

jeezus mystic, that is a freaking sore finger not a new stuffy and HEY! give me back that damn channel changer!
the score may still be 17 to 0 but i have been keeping number 18 safe for quite awhile and my finger is NOT entering the game of how many things can mystic chew on.

ahhh..the antihistamines are kicking in, a little tiny bit of lessening of itchiness is beginnng. so...which drug should i quit taking...keflex or tylenol/muscle nighttime mix????
i have a 50% chance of being right or wrong which means a 50% chance of insanely itchy eyes again...shit i will quit taking both and hopefully the problem is solved!

ok, thx for the boring to you blog distraction while the meds kicked i think i will go back to bed and hope i can get back to sleep again.



As a sufferer myself, if it turns out to be something ongoing, the Cromolyn eye drops are a topical antihistamine and fantastic for that sandy-eye feeling.


Carol, I'm in Maple Ridge this morning but back home around 9:30am. Could you post or phone if you are short handed and I'll come right up.


I do find it funny, althought it really is not, that Mystic thinks your bandaged hand it a new stuffed toy to play with.