Rescue Journal

i was wondering how i was going to manage today....

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2012

without looking like a big baby lazy sod but i did stay up on my feet and get a fair amount of stuff done.
riley and manny both had their showers with erin and maggie's help...i zipped into town and got the barn feed run done AND unloaded 900 pounds of feed all by myself!

i still have the headache but the gravol helped with the nausea so i do feel better. i whipped into shoppers and checked my blood was too high again so i have to stop taking the antihistamines and i really hope my eyes are done with the itchy allergic thing.

the animals are all hot..tomorrow everyone remind me to ask brent to please get the fans down for us. jenn is right, the mp room is going to need an air conditioner this year and the portable one in the dog room is broken and that is a real drag. a friend is donating another one but i am not sure when it will make its way out might be a few weeks yet.

well...we have a few hours to chill out and rest before barn bed time..maybe i will join the dogs in a nap!

we had great help today and everything got done..hurray for the weekend warriors!!!!!
i suppose i should give the mongolian monster his bath...just trying to figure out how to do it without getting my dressing wet.



That's great, Carol - I didn't want to have it go to waste. On a lighter note, my husband and I just adopted a big, fluffy 4-yr-old black cat named Casper from the Penticton SPCA and he's a sweetheart! Our other 3 cats aren't snugglers and I missed that, so he fits in perfectly :)
I'll get the meds in the mail soon.


thx so much jamie!..and lynne!!..the dogs will so appreciate not roasting in that room!

thx brent!..i think we need four down.

my deepest condolences for your loss paula...he was a lucky cat to be so well loved. and thx so much or the offer of the meds, zsu zsu is on it daily for the pain in her athritic spine. i can adjust the dose on the syringes as she gets a bit less than that.


Hey Lynne I left you a voice msg. The air conditioner is one of those octopus type (hope that works for you Carol) so you may need some help just in case you were going to pick it up by yourself. Hubby and boyz haven't left yet, might still be home when you get there.


i am going to go into jamies tomorrow for the air conditioner will bring it by either tomorrow or mon.


I'll get all the fans down tomorrow. Should I also get your bug zapper by the loafing shed up and going?


Hi Carol,

I posted awhile back about my older cat who had kidney disease. I turned out that wasn't his main issue - he had cancer in his mouth and went downhill very quickly. We had to make the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep 2 weeks ago when he couldn't eat comfortably despite pain medication. I miss him every day. My question is: we had just bought $100 worth of his pain meds the day before we decided to put him to sleep, would you have any use for Vetergesic Buprenorphine in 0.27ml syringes? We have quite a bit, so could mail it to you if you can use it. Otherwise the vet said to bring it in to have it disposed of. Let me know, thanks!


Hi Carol I have a hardley used portable air conditioner that Saints can have. As I am out of town I can have my neighbour get it ready for someone to pick it up in Maple Ridge. Please call me on my cell 604-649-6757.