Rescue Journal

getting moving this morning....

Carol  ·  Jul. 8, 2012

there are some days that i kind of like being ziplocked in bed by the dogs unable to move. i could have cheerfully stayed put for at least another hour or two. but the fact of the matter is i had to get up to lock everyone in before their morning barking fest sucks but it is necessary...too bad for comfortably lazy-ass me.

at least i got a decent nights headache or insanely itchy eyes. i only had to get up twice..once because odie was starting a 4 am communal howling and once cuz pepper woke up and started screaming to be let out of the laundry area. other than that it was a pretty restful night....too bad i couldn't stretch it til noon.

pepper is currently asleep on my foot so maybe i will have to stay put in my computer chair for awhile...that is almost (but not quite) as good.

it is a good thing there are so many animals here...left to my own devices, without a small caregivng army to arrive very soon..i would just say screw it and go back to bed and do nothing at all today.

i am naturally intrinsically lazy..i could easily do nothing forever..but unfortunately i chose to surround myself with a hundred special needs animals and that means there are some things that i absolutely must do everyday...

like move.



I hope Chance doesn't look too chopped or funny looking. I gave him a haircut with the scissors while in the sink having a bath today. Carol and I tried to use the clippers on him earlier, and he was a snapping turtle, so since he was so calm in the sink, he got a shorter "do" then. It'll be easier to bathe and scrub his skin this way, and he does love a bath!