Rescue Journal

oh yay...

Carol  ·  Jul. 9, 2012

3am thunder and lightening storms Suck.

the biggest dogs are the biggest babies..altho daphne is a pretty big thunder baby too.

deaf dogs are the absolute best dogs during thunder storms...they don't give a shit.

thank god i am not working today cuz i did not get enough sleep last night to be in even a remotely civilized mood.

definitely napping this afternoon.



it was BAD last night/this morning. our Charlie REFUSED to settle, even with meds. he fought tooth and nail, like an overtired toddler.


i had benny, jelly AND al in my bed last night in addition to the regular bed buddy crew...we watched and looped independence day at high volume (it is full of explosions!)

unfortunately they don't make fat dog thunder shirts...benny is 160 pounds,

such fun.

Janice ter Borg

I'm going to try a thunder shirt on my dog, Shylo if I can get one today. Calgary Stampede fireworks for 10 nights in a row are awful for her!

shelagh f

my new, old guy was afraid of the thunder and
we finally comprimised on him burrowing under
the covers till the coast was clear. Works
for one little guy, not a bunch of dogs though.
Pretty nice day now


Ignore my previous comment - I went back into the Shelter site and just did a "BC" search (the long way) and finally found SAINTS. My daily vote is in!


I tried voting today for the Shelter Challenge by clicking on the purple button (like we always do) but for some reason when I type in Senior Animals in Need and hit the search button, it comes up with zero results. Is anyone else having difficulty with this?


I have success with the thunder shirts and I routinely put Bach's Rescue Remedy in their water because two of mine are natural-born spooks to begin with.


i was thinking aout all the saints animals at 3 in the morning. hope sam and lea were not too stressed out in the shop. how do the barn guys do during a storm? thank goodness my dogs do not care. i do remember when i had ben, a former saints dog over for a sleepover. a thunderstorm hit and i have never seen a dog panic so much. i had to get up and sit with him until it was over. was quite the production. anyways looks like another beautiful day today. enjoy everyone.