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Carol  ·  Jul. 11, 2012

i am doing this 'thing' and this thing involves preparing for an upcoming interview. one of the sections is about 'reflection" and one of the questions in the reflection section is...
"according to your family and friends, what is your biggest accomplishment?"

i am pretty sure if my kids were honest they would say my biggest accomplishment was actually getting away with being totally freaking insane...and as far as insight from my lifelong friends..i don't have any any more because i was always too busy messing around with animals to make time for my friends.

so how do i honestly answer this one without looking pathetic and saying the above????...any ideas on what i could say????

i am not saying they would say my biggest accomplishment is saints..cuz saints as it is today was a total freak just took over and grew the way it wanted to do...kind of like blackberry bushes.


Marla in SD

SAINTS is YOUR accomplishment. You started and ran with the idea, and figured out how to bring a diverse group of people together to work for the betterment of the most deserving creatures you could find. You inspire others to do the same, always being honest and not sugar-coating rescue. You keep people thousands of miles away (like me) coming back to a blog to see what's going on in your world, always keeping it real, making us want to come and help and love up those in your care (yep, this is one of my bucket list goals - "Come meet Carol and the SAINTS"). So, just because you have a group of AWESOME employees and volunteers that lend their talents as well doesn't mean it's not your accomplishment - you just were smart enough to find the right group of people to help SAINTS get where it is today, all the while working full-time taking care of humans as well. I think you're amazing!

Janice ter Borg

Aww, I'm going to cry. Such wonderful comments. And VERY TRUE.

Colin Lake

Your biggest accomplishment from someone that only knows you from a distance is by far (no pun intended)how you manage to inspire a person to do and be better just by your example. Not many people would ever even venture into your territory let alone live it. You truly inspire me every single day by your commitment, love and what you must have given up to take care of the ones that no one else will. You are my hero and I thank you for all you do. Now go and reflect on that for a little while.


Carol, you think that SAINTS as it is today is a "total freak accident" and just grew like "blackberry bushes". When you started SAINTS, you probably never thought for one moment that it would become what it is, but the fact is, you WERE the one who started it, and nurtured it, and stayed with it through the years - through good times and bad. It takes an amazing, special, dedicated and self-sacrificing person to do something like that - and few others could - so I'd say for sure that SAINTS is your biggest accomplishment.


I'd say each and every one of SAINTS rescued animals is your biggest accomplishment... every SAINTS creature that leaves this life knowing they were loved and valued, is your biggest accomplishment. Taking in wrecked, discarded and trashed living creatures, the ones that have no other options except euthanasia, and raising them up to be treated with the care and respect they have always deserved, that is your biggest accomplishment.

And if you want to go by weight, then I guess Percy is your BIGGEST accomplishment.

Janice ter Borg

Ahh, but SAINTS as it is today IS your accomplishment. And part of that is uniting people to make a better life for SAINTS animals as well as positively affecting the humans who are involved with SAINTS.

another Doreen

I like Bunny's first answer above.

Or how about uniting so many people to work together and individually towards the betterment of animal care in general as well as S.A.I.N.T.S. animals?


How about this:
Maintaining a BLOG on the day to day operation of a rescue that is inspirational, educational, informative, truthful, where you bear your soul and open yourself up to scrutiny, where your readers laugh till their sides burst and cry uncontrollably and where you showcase the challenges and accomplishments of every SAINT.

How you manage to get from one month to the next never sure where the bucks are coming from without having a nervous breakdown.