Rescue Journal

oh fer gawds sake...

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2012

why do they have to announce the beginning of every brand new day with an enthusiastic howling fest???

it drives me insane.

i tossed the little mongolian monster into the playpen to give pepper a break. i do believe that playpens were one of the best inventions ever made. you can use them for time outs for little dickheaded dogs, they make quick and easy access, private feeding stations for the tiny and frail, they make a bright and safe and comfortable spot to stick blind, little, getting stuck, out to lunch dumbos when you are too busy to keep an eye on them....and they make a good temporary housing arrangement for a crippled house rooster in a pinch.

it is probably good they are useless for bigger dogs tho or odie might never be on the outside of one.

the cats really like them too...they like to jump in and take over a brand new, meshed in, private world. just so new and nervous human baby moms know...when the cat jumps into the playpen or is not cuz he wants the baby...he wants that new space, it seems pretty cool so he would like to hang out in there for a bit. just stick the babe on the floor cuz that wide open space is boring to him....unless the babe has one of those bright colored, soft, toy filled, floor blanket things...then the cat might be interested.

oh...and NEVER put babies in a cardboard box or paper bag cuz for SURE then the cat will want in.

ok, well..i probably have better things to do then blab on and on about playpens.



Carol, would you like another umbrella for where wilbur and charlotte are to replace the one we took down? I have one, it's not new, but it's not ripped or anything.


Dionne, Sara, and Suzie - Just a reminder that I am not in this Sunday! See you next week.
Jenn: I don't think you have Suzie on the Sunday "House" volunteer list that you send out weekly. She's been coming for a few weeks now regularly.