Wishes 4 Whiskers Gala

Sheila  ·  Jul. 12, 2012

This is SAINTS largest fundraiser and so after reading that Carol is taking on extra hours I felt very, very guilty for not posting about the event.

1. Tickets – There are 150 tickets to sell (I already have about 20 spoken for) Tickets are $60 per person or $400 for a table of eight.

2. Place – Pitt Meadows Golf and Country Club 13615 Harris Road Pitt Meadows

3. Date and Time - September 15, 2012 - Doors Open at 6:00 PM

4. Table Sponsors - We are hoping to once again have all our 19 tables sponsored for $200. If you, your family, your workplace, a group of friends would like to get together and sponsor table you can have the choice of one of the saintly residents or your own furry or feathered friend host the table.

5. Animal Sponsorships -And because we know that all the volunteers and fans want to see every single “saints” face at the event we will again be asking for a $25 sponsorship so we can have a picture of that favorite saint at the event.


6. We need auction items so if anyone thinks that they may know of a company that might donate to SAINTS please email the contact name and I will get in touch with the company.

1. We are going to have a debit/credit card machine at the event so we are accepting, cash, cheques, and credit cards this year.

2. Biggest News Yet – the Pitt Meadows Golf and Country Club as agreed to having two SAINTS dogs come to the event. We haven’t discussed yet who will be the two honored guests so hopefully the two mystery guests will create a lot of discussion

3. The menu is going to be a bit different this year. .. YEAH.



sheila it does not really matter about the table toppers, the animals are all really special so do what you want. they all deserve to have a special place at the gala. i have some things for the gala where should i leave them. i guess in the mp room with your name on them.


Barbara - That would be great re the jewelery for the auction.

Thank you Lynne and Susan for the table sponsorships.
I will email you later as to what you want on your "table toppers"

Helga - Thank you for thinking of the cats!

Doreen from Maple Ridge

Sheila, it must be Angel I was visiting on open house...i can't find any other small black blind dog on the list?? The dog's eyes looked just like the one on the dog page photo of must ber her!! But you know what, even if it isn't I will sponsor Angel for the event. Is she still available ?

Barbara Ferris

Hi Sheila
I can make some copper/silver jewellery for the auction. Let me know if you have any questions.

Can I sponsor Joey?

On a different subject; our new 7 year old Basset Hound Misty drags her knuckles on walks and they wear and bleed.

I have tried pet store booties (with alterations to keep them on her); the problem I am finding is they start to wear out after one 20 minute walk.

Does anyone have a suggestion for strongly reinforced Bassett booties?

I would be happy to get something custom make if they would work out for her.



Just to make sure can you click (or cut and paste)on the following

to see if this is the dog you are talking about.

Also Griffin as now been sponsored.

Doreen from Maple Ridge

I want to sponsor the totally blind little black dog that was in the bed buddy room during open house. I was so taken by it's happy go lucky attitude and affection. is this "Angel" I am not sure......if it is, please put me down for Angel, OR if it was not Angel let me know the correct name??? thanks!! I have already sent my dinner ticket money but will send another chq for the $25 to sponsor this dog at this event.


The best way to sponsor an animal is email me at Even if you post your animal sponsorship here on the board because I may miss it.

You can mail me a cheque at 15570 58A avenue surrey BC v3s 4n8
Or use PayPal but please be sure to add in the drop down box for notes that this is an animal sponsorship donation.

Donna I am sorry I am not at saints often enough to do a list of current animals. I will see what I can do about getting one.

Sorry Lynn but 4 posts up someone already picked Riley


okay knock me off for shane and put me down for riley. sorry did not read your post about shane, no problem.


i will sponsor a table for 200 and sponsor shane, jeremiah, tess and buddy. maybe again this year we could have a volunteer table. let me know if anyone is interested. also brenda wants to go in on a table for 400. i will too and possibly my daughter. anyone else interested.


As the web site is not up to date, could a list of the current animals available for sponsorship be listed? I'm in for Jazzy.


How would you like us to let you know about animal sponsorships? - through posting on the blog or direct e-mail? (which I don't have) I take it we can just pay through a cheque or Paypal?

I'd like to sponsor the 2 northern ones: Shane and Mac (the cat).

Susan Harasin

My company will sponsor three tables! :). Also
what is the date please.


Animal Sponsors are already starting to happen

and Brad

are already taken.